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TransSolve Overview

TransSolve Overview Video

Watch the video below, and then move on to the assessment in the next section.



What does TransSolve assist the user in doing?

  • Selecting the only vehicle for an application.
  • Selecting the right vehicle for an application.
  • Selecting the wrong vehicle for an application.
  • All of the above.

Which of the following are correct?

  • TransSolve cannot do axle weight calculations.
  • TransSolve can calculate operating costs of a vehicle on a specific route.
  • TransSolve can configure bodies, trailers and accessories on a vehicle.
  • All of the above.

Where would you click to add a body?

Pair the below terms with the corresponding match on the right.

  • Loading
    Build a body and optimize payloads.
  • Performance
    Simulate for fuel consumption and trip times.
  • Costing
    Total cost of ownership.
  • Specification
    Compare specifications against the opposition.

Fill in the blanks.

TransSolve makes itto select the right for and application.

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