Practice 200 - Innovation: Opportunity

This assessment covers the necessary knowledge to effectively prove competency in Nielsen Greater China's 200 level practices


Which of the following client business question(s) below can be answered in the Opportunity stage?

  • The clients want to better position its brand portfolio
  • The clients want to know how to take their brands to new categories /geographies
  • The clients want to know how much incremental business a new launch will add to its current portfolio
  • The clients want to know how can they compete with other players

Please link White Space Solutions to statements

  • Category Advisor
    Deep dive for the category dynamics, help prioritize innovation opportunities within existing and adjacent categories
  • Market & Brand Advisor
    Decode drivers of brand choice, understand strengths and weaknesses of brands, find unclaimed spaces
  • Demand Spaces
    Uses a demand strategy approach - that identifies, sizes the opportunities, and develops the activation strategy to capture the demand

Please enter True or False for the statement below for Demand Spaces

  • Demand spaces uses a demand strategy approach, can identify current, emerging and latent demand

In demand spaces solution, each Demand Space is sized by?

  • Nielsen RMS data
  • Survey data
  • Third party data
  • Desk research data

How can Demand Spaces help drive client business growth?

  • Tell client where to innovate
  • Help client better manage their product portfolio
  • Tell client how to play, how to optimize their brand positioning
  • Help client ensure their future execution in line with the whole brand strategy

In the sorting exercises, consumers can...

  • Look into the products they have grouped together by scrolling over each group
  • Move product sorting from one group into another group
  • Name each product group they have created
  • Choose not to group some products

What does the size of the clusters in the category Advisor Landscape Map mean?

  • The size means the sales value of each cluster

Which of the following modules is not included in the MBA solution suite?

  • Attraction module
  • Price module
  • Innovation module
  • U&A module

How can MBA help clients to identify and prioritize opportunities?

  • Provides indications of where today's needs can be pushed further at an idea generation level to nourish the innovation funnel
  • Size and monetize each opportunity
  • Pay attention to respondents most engaged in the category
  • Pinpoint "white space" around unclaimed benefits in the category