PV1 - Introduction to Pruvan*

This course will provide a general introduction to the Pruvan software and mobile app.

Gain a better understanding of the Pruvan application.

1. What Is Pruvan?


Pruvan is a third-party data collection tool that is fully integrated with Cyprexx.

Pruvan enables users to complete work orders from Cyprexx and other work providers in real time. Users can send photos and field data back to the office or work providers instantly.


2. What Can Pruvan Do?

Pruvan is an extremely helpful tool for our vendors, but it has some limitations.

Users CAN


Upload photos to clients in real time, or review them on their PC before sending

Submit bids through the app at this time

Complete checklists

Receive actual Cyprexx work orders (PDF) through the app

Use the app as a scheduling tool and assign jobs to individual workers/phones

Report 'issues' via the Pruvan app

Customize  the Pruvan program on their PC to meet their company's needs


Utilize this app for their other preservation clients, not just Cyprexx (no additional fee)



2a. What All is Included?

3. Pruvan FAQ

There are many questions that users have regarding this new application. This is just a few of the most common.

Question Answer
How do I designate an Exterior Maintenance Service as a property visit or a lawn cut? You select this once you enter the Questionnaire section for the service.
At what point do I click the "Complete" button for a service in Pruvan? This button should be pressed only after EVERYTHING is complete. Photos (before, action, and after), checklists submitted, and the job 100% complete. 
Are the photos I took on the app stored on my phone?

Yes. Photos taken are stored in your photo gallery in a "Pruvan" folder. (Vendors can delete these once they have been successfully uploaded on Pruvan.)

Why do I have to assign each new job to my phone from my computer? Can I set it to default? Yes. The "Default Assign To" setting can be selected from their "Integrations" setting on their PC.


4. A Few Things You Should Know

Here are a few things that you may not know about the Pruvan app:


Pruvan Complete Button:

  • When a user clicks 'Complete' on the Pruvan app, that will close the project on their phone completely and he/she won't have access to upload any new photos.
  • Clicking the Complete button does not mark the service line "Review Complete" on Cyprexx's end unless all required photos and checklists have been completed.


Bid Requests:

  • On a 'Bid Request' service, your Before photos are 'pushed' to Pruvan.  If you click the "Complete" button (because the bid is complete), the job will close and you cannot re-open it.
  • The result will be that coordinators will need to create a new service line once/if the bid is approved so you can upload new photos and complete the service. 

6. Additional Support

For additional support:

Pruvan Support Website

  • This should be the first place you go:  https://pruvan.zendesk.com/hc/en-us , or users can log in to Pruvan from a PC & click on "Support"
  • The website has FAQs and a step-by-step "how to" guide with screen shots

Pruvan Mobile (Functionality Issues)

Assistance With Cyprexx Integration - Contact the Cyprexx help desk at (866) 516-6348, Ext. 4444 while in front of a PC.

General Questions - Email Jeff McIntosh jeff.m@cyprexx.com


Pruvan Mobile

7. Login Screen for Android and Apple Devices


Login Screen (Android):

1. The "?" will direct the user to the Pruvan support page

2. This is where the user can access the settings for the app

3. The "Uploads" button- When "ON" will attempt to send the photos & checklists to Pruvan on the vendors PC and/or directly to Cyprexx (depending on your settings and cell coverage)





Login Screen (Apple):

1. The "?" will direct the user to the Pruvan support page

2. This is where the user can access the settings for the app

3. The "Uploads" button- When "ON" will attempt to send the photos & checklists to Pruvan on the vendors PC and/or directly to Cyprexx (depending on your settings and cell coverage)




7a. 'Projects' Page


The Projects Page:

This section displays:

1. Current assigned jobs

2. Project due date

3. Status of the job (in Pruvan , not Cyprexx status)

4. The address

Each service listed is attached to a Cyprexx service line.

7b. 'Project Details' Page


Once you select a project from the Projects page this is what a you will see:

1. You see the service description at the top (alongside the Pruvan job ID#) and the Pruvan Status below that in blue text.

2. The "Complete" button marks the job complete in Pruvan.  If all photos have been taken and the questionnaire is complete it will mark the service as "Complete" on Cyprexx's end.

3. The "Info" section provides the Cyprexx job number, and simple access information.

4. The GPS location of the property is provided (accuracy depends on cell phone service coverage) GPS signal strength is also provided.

5. The "Task List" displays 2 tasks:

a) Photos

b) Questionnaire (Survey)




8. Camera View & Surveys

           'Camera' View:                                      Survey:                                       Survey Review:











1. Camera View- Users can take photos from within the app and designate them as either Before, Action, or After. Photos are automatically time & date stamped, geo-tagged, tamper proof, and Pruvan Certified.   

2. Survey (Questionnaire)- Each question on the survey (property checklist, winterization checklist, etc.) gets it own "page" within the app so each question must be answered. The progress is tracked at the bottom of the page. When it is completed, users can review all the questions and then submit.

9. Photo Upload Status

Photo Upload Status:

  • By clicking the photo icon on the 'Projects' page, users can check the upload status of all of service/job photos
  • If the user is in a rural area with limited cell coverage, the app will attempt to send (publish) the photos until it is successful (the user can turn this function off in 'Settings')

9a. Photo Upload Status

The 'Uploads' page is extremely useful

Pruvan Direct (a.k.a. Pruvan Online)

10. Pruvan Direct (a.k.a. Pruvan Online)


To access Pruvan Direct, go to www/Pruvan.com and click "Log In". You will be prompted to enter your Pruvan username and password.



You will be taken to the Home page of Pruvan Direct.


11. Pruvan Direct Home Page

On the Home page, you will notice a tool bar on the top of the screen that will allow you to access different pages within Pruvan Direct.


11a. Pruvan Direct Home Page

Place your cursor over each "i" to see a description for each item.

12. The PROJECTS Page

The PROJECTS page shows the projects that have been assigned to your Pruvan account. The following information is available about each project:

Actions                       - actions you can perform

Pictures                      - photos that have been taken for the project

Project                        - project ID# and description

Client/Integration  - the name of the integration that the project was imported from

Client Due Date      - the date the project is due

Status                          - the status of the project (Assigned/Unassigned, etc.)

Field Status               - field status (Viewed, In Process, etc.)

Address                      - street address

City                               - field status (Viewed, In Process, etc.)

State                            - state

ZIP                               - zip code 

Invoice                       - invoice information (for your company only; not Cyprexx)

Reference                  - the Cyprexx job number

Description              - a description of the project (job)

Assigned To            - the mobile device/user the project is assigned to

12a. The PROJECTS Page (continued)

You are able to sort your projects by clicking on the column header of your choice. The example below shows the projects listed in chronological order by Due Date.


13. The 'Actions' Column

Under the Actions column, you will notice four icons.

Each icon has unique function.

13a.The 'Actions' Column (continued)

Here is a description of each function:

Manually upload photos to this project.
Add this project to the 'Active' list. When moving photos from one job to another, both projects must be 'Active'. (More on this later.)
Share this project with a client (not applicable to Cyprexx).
Download photos from the selected project.


13b. How to 'Update' a Project

From the Projects page, you can also 'Update' a project by simply selecting a project and clicking the 'Update' button (shown below).


Please note: when you update a project, the changes can be viewed only by you and users of your Pruvan account (not Cyprexx).


Here are the criteria you can update:

1. Due Date    -    due date for your crews

2. Status           -   project status  

3. Assign To    -    mobile user

4. Work Type  -    description




The following 3 pages will provide a more detailed description of  each criteria. (Note: the 'Work Type' criteria is not currently used by Cyprexx.) 

13c. The 'Due Date' Field

The Due Date field is used to assign a due date to a project for your crews in the field to reference (internally). This will not affect the actual Cyprexx due date for the assignment/work order they dispatched to you.

13d. The 'Status' Field

The Status field is used to update the status of the project for your crews to reference (internally). This does not affect the status of the work assignment as it pertains to Cyprexx.

13e. The 'Assign To' Field

This field is used to choose which Pruvan-mobile user(s) are able to view the project on their mobile devices.You have 2 options to choose from...

You can either:

A) choose a single user to assign the project to


B) select 'All' which will allow all Pruvan-mobile users to view the project on their devices.

14. The PHOTOS Page

The PHOTOS page will displays all of the projects that contain photos. The following information is displayed:

  • Project                          - project ID# and description
  • Client                           - integration the project was imported from
  • Address                         - project address

  • Latest Active               - date & time of last update
  • Created                         - date & time project was created
  • Publish All                   - sends photos and completion date to Cyprexx
  • Total Pics                     - total number of photos published (sent) to Cyprexx
  • Download Zip           - download a zip-file containg a copy of all photos for a project 


14a. The PHOTOS Page (continued)

To view the photos for a project, click on the Project description shown below:


14b. The PHOTOS Page (continued)

The photos for that project will display.  You are also able to determine whether or not the photos were successfully published to Cyprexx and what category the photos were published to (Before, Action, or After).


14c. The PHOTOS Page (continued)

You are able to place your cursor over a photo and view the photo details (see below).

15. Your Cyprexx Integration

An integration is what allows Pruvan to communicate with work providers (i.e. Cyprexx). In order for your Pruvan account to be linked with Cyprexx, you must set up an integration. The integration allows your projects (work orders) to automatically import into Pruvan and allows Pruvan to communicate with Cyprexx and other work providers.