Curating With Elink & Marketing Groups

In this training module you will learn how to use one url link to forward to other url links. You will also learn about the three different marketing groups in the back office to ensure that you use the correct links and material. 

How To Create A Collage Of Curated Content

Curating Links As Content

Introduction to Curating Your Own Content

So, you are a Goddess Cosmetics Brand Ambassador but you are also a Makeup Artist. You need to be able to promote your own brand as well as your affiliate link. This sometimes can be tricky when promoting on certain social media profiles. Instagram comes to mind because you are only allowed to have one clickable link to send traffic to. There are plenty of ways to get around this situation, but this lesson is going to show you how to do so in a way that promotes your business. In turn helping you to diversify the ways you make money and the way your content is displayed to your audience. 

You are now about to learn how to post on one subject, but put infront of your audience an array of purchasing options, content and clickable links. 


What Is Elink?

Elink is a service that allows you to curate links throughout the internet. To these links you will be able to add images and marketing content to drive traffic to your affiliate offers, websites and blogs.

The service is free to use and you can create unlimited collages of links and images. They do offer an upgrade if you want to be able to view the traffic stats and remove the advertising banner at the bottom. We will be using our Goddess Cosmetics Elink account to train you on how to curate and create your own mini website of collage links.


Example 1

Example 1: A Collection of Many Diverse Links

To view the collage in full go here:

We have placed 10 links on this one mini website collage. The first link will send the visitor to the company website. The second link will send them directly to our brand ambassador affiliate recruiting site.

  • first link is a direct link to the affiliate signup portal
  • second link will send bisitor directly to star crystals to purchase the product 

  • first link is a direct link to our Instagram page
  • second link is a direct link to our Facebook page

  • first link takes you to our Twitter profile
  • second link is to one of our videos on Youtube

Customizing the Content

To create these collages, you would put in the link url to each website, profile, article or video. Add any image you want to feature with the link, customize the heading and the text. 

Viewers of your collage can share the entire collage on several different social media platforms.

Example 2

Collage Featuring Only One Link

To view the collage in full go here:

This collage is featuring only one link; all images go to the same link. Regardless of which image is clicked on the viewer will be sent to our Goddess Cosmetics website under the affiliate link above. The collage is based around a makeup artist who is featuring her Halloween makeup looks for 2016. All the titles were change to fit the image and a description placed below. Note this is a sample created for training purposes. You can elaborate as much as you want on specifics of how you created your masterpieces.

We branded this link with our profile image, and added 3 links. These links can go anywhere you want to send the visitors. You could send them to different collections or your main site. It's up to you, also you can leave the links out and just have your picture.

When you begin to collect pictures of yourself wearing our products or on others you can be more specific with your images. Stating which Goddess Cosmetics products were used and the colors.

  • the rest of the page from example above

  • this is the same page but the template design was changed

Finishing Up

Additional Ways to Use Elink Link Collages

  • You are an affiliate for more than one cosmetic and beauty brand. Create a collage and link people to your different affiliate programs.
  • Create seasonal and holiday based collages.
  • Create collages of images that promote a product on sale.
  • Make collages of some of your blog posts.
  • The sky is the limit you can create and customize your own content to infinity.

Curating Other Content but Using Your Own Links

You can indeed curate other content and images from the internet and Instagram, you must remember to give credit to original poster in the text part of the content. Let's say you are making a collage of women wearing liquid matte lipstick to promote our new liquid velvet lipstick. You have curated some images from Instagram. You will be using these images on the collage you create, but people will be sent to our website through your affiliate link. You must give credit to the Instagram profile it was posted on originally. If you have forgotten the explanation and right way to use curated content from others. Please refer to week 1 training course.

Elink & Vanity URL's

Branding Your Elink Collage

Once you have created your Elink collage the link name will be a combination of Elink and the name you gave the collage. You can use this link directly in marketing. But some of you will want to brand this link with a vanity url. In this example, we have chosen to use the company Instagram page to show you how it works. Using the Elink with a vanity url.

Brand Your Business When You Market

Do the following steps below as a demonstration on how a vanity url works:

First click on our direct elink:

Now click on our Vanity Url that is part of our profile on Instagram as you see it above: When you click on this link you will be sent to the elink collection you clicked on above. 

Elink Training Video

Video On How To Set Up Elink Collages

Course Shoutout On Video Training

We believe in Word of Mouth Marketing better known as Shoutout marketing on Instagram and other social media platforms. The concept stems from the awareness that people are more likely to believe a peer or normal person than a company's promotional video. To put this information into practice, instead of creating videos telling you these techniques will work. We have chosen to curate videos from online marketers in their own words. We have made sure to give credit to the video owners, have not altered their video in anyway and if you would like to follow them please do. 

Elink Video

This video shows you how to create the links and collages in Elink. If you like what you see and want to keep up to date with new posts, follow her channel.


Marketing Groups

Marketing Groups Revisited

Marketing Groups

The company provides marketing materials, that can be used in your efforts to promote Goddess Cosmetics. These materials come in the form of images, personalized coupon codes, social media posts, QR codes, text ads, text links, email links, email templates, marketing pdf's and templates.

These marketing materials come in 3 major marketing groups. It's completely important that you understand each marketing group and always remain mindful of the group the materials fall under. These marketing groups determine, which website a visitor lands on and what page of the site.

Marketing Group 1: Goddess Cosmetics

In the affiliate back office, your affiliate link is displayed to the right of the main page. This link is your default affiliate link and is the one that you will use most of the time. The majority of the marketing materials in the back office will be set to this default link.

Goddess Cosmetics Marketing Group - Default Link:

  • The link sends the visitor to
  • The link drops them off on the main page of the site.
  • A cookie is attached to the visitor once they land on the site. This cookie gives you credit for the referral.
  • When this referral makes a purchase, you will earn 15% of the sale
  • If your referral were to become an affiliate, they would be placed underneath you and you would earn 5% of their earned commissions.

Marketing Group 2: Affiliate Recruiter

The default link will assign recruits to you if they sign up after reaching our main site under your link. It does so passively for you, without you having to post content saying I am looking for brand ambassadors to join my team. Since, you do earn an override for any brand ambassadors placed underneath you. At some point in time you are going to want to be more proactive in recruiting. This is where the materials in this second marketing group become important.

Before we go into more detail on how the materials in this marketing group work. Let us discuss the 3 ways your team is built for you in this program. As our Brand Ambassadors, do not stand alone!

1) Built passively under your default affiliate link as described above.

2) Built by active recruiting from you.

3) We recruit as a company, but in doing so we are not recruiting to assign the new brand ambassadors for ourselves. We assign those recruits to our existing Brand Ambassadors. As we get bigger we will be more specific and assign new Brand Ambassadors only to members in their area.

Affiliate Recruiter Marketing Group - Recruiting Link

The link sends the visitor to This is our official Brand Ambassador Recruiting site; it allows visitors to setup a phone interview or signup immediately.

  • The link drops them off on the main page of the site.
  • A cookie is attached to the visitor on that site once they land. It does not matter which additional Goddess Cosmetics sites they end up on. You will be credited with the signup or earn commissions if a sale is made.
  • It's important to remember here that the materials used in this section will not drop the visitor off on our main website to shop. It will instead drop them off on our affiliate site to try to get them to join. You will complete several training courses before you get to the course explaining how to recruit. You can still recruit in the meantime, doing it your way. But our reason for teaching you how to make money first and passively recruiting for you. Is the longer you are doing this business and the more proactive you become at recruiting. The more your prospects are going to look to you as a leader and expect that you know how to market in this position. They will view your social profiles and use them as an example to create their own.

So, learn how to market in this position, do the step by step assignments after each lesson. In the meantime, the company will assign new brand ambassadors to you as they come in near your area.

Tip: To improve your chances of  gaining passive recruits. Make sure to say that you are a Brand Ambassador with Goddess Cosmetics on your profiles. When they land on the website from your default link, there is a Brand Ambassadors tab at the top of the site. This is used to lure them into clicking on it to see what you do as a Brand Ambassador for Goddess Cosmetics. Those who join will be placed underneath you and you will earn your overrides.

Marketing Group 3: Promotional/Product Materials

The final marketing group consists of materials that feature deals of the week, month or special website promotions.

Promotional Materials Group - Page Link

  • The links will send the visitors to our site.
  • But the visitor will land on a product page or a promotional page on the site, not on the main page.
  • A cookie is attached to the visitor once they land on the site. This cookie gives you credit for the referral.
  • When this referral makes a purchase, you will earn 15% of the sale.
  • If your referral were to become an affiliate, they would be placed underneath you.

Once again please be mindful of what marketing group the materials you use are assigned to. These materials have your affiliate code embedded in them and are set to land on certain sites and pages. It would not be good to post content on the great new fall colors on the site. But the marketing materials you are using drops your visitors off at our affiliate recruiting site.


Can you create a collage with Elink using only videos?

  • Yes
  • No
  • Yes, but not all the links can be video

What are the maximum number of links you can use per collage?

  • 0
  • 10
  • unlimited
  • 5
  • 20

Is this ( and example of a vanity url?

  • Yes
  • No


Putting What You Learned Into Practice

Go to the affiliate back office and view the assignment PDF for Week 2 Training Course. Complete all steps before moving on. Give yourself a week to get everything completed and done. Remember your dedication to following up and completing the lessons each week, will determine your success.If you have any questions regarding this lesson and need further explanation.Please reach out to us and we will respond. 

Each lesson builds upon the next to ensure you have set yourself up to make money properly in this new role. If you have truly applied what was taught in week 1. Including posting content daily and  working on building a following that loves makeup and beauty. You should have begun to see results from your efforts. 

Each lesson in the series adds a new marketing technique or social media platform to your money making arsenal.