First Responder Training Course

Welcome to the training course on PCS Ferguson's new two-piece plunger, First Responder. The purpose of this training course is to learn the components, understand the applications, and provide you with all of the tools to strategically sell this new product. We want all of you to be successful right out of the gate, so please complete this training course BEFORE you begin selling First Responder.

This training is confidential and for internal training purposes only. The content is the property of PCS Ferguson.

In-Depth Look at First Responder

First Responder Description



What does First Responder mean?

Click to watch how the two-piece plunger works (Yes, it's a competitor's video).

When do you generally put a two-piece plunger in a well?

In what applications do you typically use First Responder? Click all that apply.

The name, First Responder, refers to this particular plunger being the first one to use in a well's cycle and it refers to our high-quality products and responsive customer service. Is this statement True or False?

First Responder Components

Lubricator Cap Specs

Lubricator Cap Drawing

Rod Drawing

Anvil Drawing

Complete Lubricator Assembly

Lubricator Considerations

Ball Components

Ball Drawing

Sleeve Components

6" Sleeve Drawing

9" Sleeve Drawing

Bottom Hole Bumper Spring

Plunger Plucker

What are the sleeve sizes PCS Ferguson offers for First Responder? Click all that apply.

Rank the ball material in weight with the top answer being the lightest and bottom answer being the heaviest.

Tungsten Carbide
Stainless Steel

Bottom Hole Bumper Spring

Ball and Sleeve Applications

Ball and Sleeve Combinations for 2-3/8" Tubing

Ball and Sleeve Combination for 2-7/8" Tubing

Match the ball and sleeve combinations for a well producing 400-600 Mcf/d.

–°ombine elements from the left column with the elements on the right
1-3/8" Stainless Steel Ball
2-7/8 - 9" Sleeve
1-11/16" Zirconia Ball
2-3/8 - 6" Sleeve

If you have higher line pressure than 150, how do you adjust the ball and sleeve combination?

How to Safely Remove the Two-Piece Plunger

Steps to safely remove the plunger.

Steps to safely remove the plunger cont'd.

What does it typically mean if the master valve closes completely?

Remove the rod after catching the ball and sleeve. True or false?

Troubleshooting the Two-Piece Plunger


Troubleshooting Cont'd


Tips and Tricks

If the two-piece plunger never arrives, what's typically going on?

First Responder isn't appropriate for all well conditions. Which of the following scenario(s) should you reassess and consider switching to a different type of plunger? Check all that apply.

Plunger Inspection and Maintenance

Preventative Maintenance

Benefits of Replacing the Plunger

How often should you consider replacing the First Responder plunger?

What are the benefits of replacing the First Responder plunger regularly? Check all that apply.


Pricing for 2-3/8" Lubricator Cap Components

Pricing for Balls

Pricing for Sleeves