Theory of Science

Students should train their academic writing skills in preparing a written assignment dealing with related topic. Students should work independently and should use a methodical and systematic approach.

The Nature and Tools of Research

What research is not:

  • Mere information gathering
  • Mere transportation of facts from one location to another
  • Merely rummaging (search unsystematically) for information
  • A catchword used to get attention

What research is:

A systematic process of collecting, analyzing, and interpreting information (data) to increase understanding of a phenomenon about which we are interested. 

Important Characteristics of Research:

 1.Originates with a question or problem 

2.Requires clear articulation of a goal 

3.Requires a specific plan for proceeding

 4.Usually divides the principal problem into more manageable sub-problems

 5.Is guided by the specific research problem, question, or hypothesis

 6.Accepts certain critical assumptions 

7.Requires the collection and interpretation of data

 8.Is, by its nature, cyclical or helical • (from sec 38)