Project management

This course is aimed at experienced project managers and project teams, on completion learners will be able to formulate a project plan, evaluate project objectives, identify the best practices of project management and demonstrate stakeholder engagement.

Managing stakeholders

Stakeholders can be divided into 2 catergories primary and secondary, which of the following would be characterised as secondary stakeholders

There are 4 processes to project stakeholder management:

  1. Identifying stakeholders
  2. Analyze stakeholders
  3. Define stakeholder management action plans
  4. Execute, monitor and control actions plans

Identifying stakeholders

Involves identifying groups/individuals that could impact or be impacted by the project in some way.

Project relevant information must be gathered regarding the stakeholders, these include: proposals, contracts and tender documents.

There are 2 categories of stakeholders:

- Primary stakeholders

- Secondary stakeholders

Primary stakeholders are assigned to do the actual project work, such as the project manager and project team members.

Secondary stakeholders are not assigned to work full time on the project but still have relevant knowledge necessary for the project success, they include: consultants, sub – contractors, sponsors and other project teams. They need to be carefully managed by the project manager so that their knowledge is captured, this means a good communication system needs to be put in place between the project team and the stakeholders.

Every project has stakeholders and it is important to distinguish between those indiviuals/groups that have a positive/negative interest in the project, once identified the project manager needs to manage them accordingly, reason being, some stakeholders are more influential than others, this could be a positive/negative to the project, therefore it is important to keep a stakeholder register, to keep a record of the key stakeholders needs, expectations and classification (whether they are internal/external, do they support or resist the project etc.)

  • Consultant
  • Project manager
  • Project administrator
  • Project team leader
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