PRIMUS Global Services - Sales and Service Success

This course is designed to provide you with instruction in the essential processes and steps for you to be successful in the IT service and solution industry as part of the PRIMUS Global Services team.

Welcome aboard!

Cornerstones of Success - Attitude, Expectations and Goals

Critical Success Factors: What makes a great BDM, AM or Technical Recruiter

Time and Desk Organization

Expectations and Goals - Business Development

Expectations and Goals - Account Management

Expectations and Goals - Technical Recruiting (U.S.)

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IT Solutions and Services - The Industry

It is 2016 - Where is the business ?

IT Consulting Growth

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Taking and Qualifying Project Requirements

Service Delivery Overview

Qualifying REQs

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Sales and Account Development

10 Step Sales Process - Impressions

Compiling a Target List

Sales Prospecting - Effort and execution – KPI’s for success