Roofing 101 - GAF

In these set of videos, you will learn about roofing best practices from GAF. 

Mastering the Roof - GAF

Mastering the Roof - Introduction (System and Components)

Mastering the Roof - Roofing Danger Signals

What are 3 indicators of a failing roof system?

  • Leaking Roof
  • Granule Loss
  • Cracked and/or Curling Shingles
  • Pine needs on the roof
  • If the homeowner tells you its failing

Can inadequate ventilation help or harm a roofing system?

  • Poor ventilation can cause mold, high utility costs, and prematurely fail a roof.
  • It doesn't really harm anything.

Mastering the Roof - Safety on the Roof

Per the US Dept. of Labor, how roofers are killed each year due to safety accidents?

  • 30-40
  • 75-100
  • 150+

What is the proper ladder etiquette for safely climbing a ladder?

  • Keep all of your hands and feet on the ladder at the safe time
  • It's ok to carry materials in both hands as long as you have your balance
  • The 3-1 Rule. Always have a minimum of 3 points of contact on the ladder at all times.

Mastering the Roof - Roof Deck Tear Off and Prep

Is it better to leave the old roofing materials in place or tear them completely off?

  • Leave them in place. It helps create a secondary barrier of protection.
  • Remove all materials down to the deck so you can properly inspect the substrate.

Mastering the Roof - Drip Edge Installation

Why should drip edge be used?

  • We can charge the homeowner more for this option
  • It helps hold the shingles to the roof
  • It prevents wind driven rain and moves water away from the deck and fascia.

Where should drip edge be installed? (choose two answers)

  • At the Eaves directly fastened to the deck with underlayment underneath
  • At the Rakes under the underlayment
  • At the Rakes over the underlayment
  • At the Eaves with the underlayment over top

Mastering the Roof - Leak Barriers

What are three areas vulnerable to leaks?

  • Valley's, Chimney's, and Penetrations
  • At the ridge opening
  • Around the windows if the shingles are not installed properly

What are the names of the two GAF leak barriers? (choose 2)

  • Weathershield
  • Stormguard
  • Leakpro
  • Weather Watch

Mastering the Roof - Premium Deck Protection

How should your underlayment be installed on a roof that is a 2/12-4/12 pitch?

  • Single layer with extra button caps
  • Double up on the underlayment to prevent leaks or future issues
  • What's underlayment?

Mastering the Roof - Fasteners

What size nail is recommended for installing shingles?

  • 2-1/2"
  • 1"
  • 1-3/4"

How many nails should be used in a coastal application?

  • 4 nails per shingle
  • 8 nails per shingle
  • 6 nails per shingle

Mastering the Roof - Installing a Starter Course

Why should starter strips be used?

  • They help prevent blow-offs in a high wind situation
  • The manufacturers just want to sell more product and make more money
  • They help dress up the look of the roof

Mastering the Roof - Installing Timberline Shingles

Is it ok to rack laminate or architectural shingles?

  • Yes, but only if you use enough nails.
  • No, it can create a color variation and possible blow-offs.

What is the installation pattern for Timberline shingles?

  • Lay each shingle side by side in full pieces per course
  • 1st Course - Full shingle, 2nd Course - cut 6", 3rd Course - cut 11", 4th course - 17", then repeat
  • 1st Course - Full shingle, 2nd Course - Full shingle, 3rd Course - cut 5", 4th course - cut 12", then repeat

Mastering the Roof - How to Shingle a Roof Valley

What are the three approved valley methods for shingle installation?

  • Woven, Open, and Closed Cut
  • Woven only
  • Metal valleys only

Are valleys considered a leak prone area?

  • Yes, we should always use a leak barrier to help for protection against leaks
  • No, water will most way fast in this area due to the pitch of the roof

Mastering the Roof - Flashing Installation

Why is flashing important to a roofing system?

  • It helps provide a finished look to the home
  • It helps direct the flow of water away from the home
  • It allows us to charge more money

Mastering the Roof - Liberty System (Low Slope)

When should a product like GAF Liberty be used?

  • On any pitch greater than a 4/12
  • On a roof pitch that is less than 2/12
  • Only on commercial applications

What is the proper lap offset for Liberty?

  • It should be every 18"
  • It should be at least 36" and offset from the previous seam
  • You can roll it out completely and have minimal offset on the lap

Mastering the Roof - Installing Ventilation

What is a benefit of having proper ventilation?

  • It helps remove the moldy smells in your attic space
  • Proper ventilation can help keep your heating and cooling bills to a minimum
  • The ridge opening acts as a skylight letting in natural daylight.

Mastering the Roof - Finishing the Job