General Knowledge and Information

This course is to help you learn about the operational organization in your store and when to escalate customer concerns to your manager.  Once you complete this course check-in with your manager to discuss what you have learned.

General Knowledge and Information - Stockroom and escalation


When to ask for help

Anytime you feel that you cannot satisfy a customer’s request or you are not able to answer a customer’s question; seek a manager.

When to escalate an issue to store management

Contact your Store Manager when...  (Mark all of those items that are correct)

So many choices

Our merchandise is organized by...  (Mark the best answer)

Stockroom Organization

Keeping the stock room organized is nice to do but not really important.


Monogrammed items are separated from generics.

More categories

Pants and Shorts are separated by the following categories.

And still more

All hanging sections are labeled and identified by sizes.

Gym-wear and outer wear

Gym-wear and Outerwear generics include...   (mark all that apply)

Shipping and Receiving

Your Store Manager will demonstrate how to work within Shipping and Receiving.