Product Training

In this course we will be looking at all the different products that our company offers.

The Main Products We Offer

We have three main categories in our product section

1. Payment Gateway

2. Collections

3.Alternative Payments

Can you name the three main categories of our product section ?

The three main categories of our product section are

The Payment Gateway

Understanding The Payment Gateway

The Payment Gateway consists out of four different products. The type of product that would be best suited to one of our clients will all depend on the service they provide or the product they sell.

The four products that make up The Payment Gateway:

  1. Online Payments
  2. Recurring Payments
  3. MOTO Payments
  4. Mobile Payments

Let's look at Online Payments

What is an online payment?

Online payment refers to money that is exchanged electronically. Typically, this involves use of computer networks, the internet and digital stored value systems (The information on credit or debit cards).

How do our products help our customers with processing online payments?

In our online payment section we have two different products that will help our clients to proses online payments from their customers:

1. MyVirtual

My Virtual uses MyGate’s Secure Hosted Online Payments Page to accept credit card payments. What this means is that our client's site will redirect to a secure MyGate page where the customer can then enter their card details in a safe and secure manner for all their once-off payments.

So basically our client's customer will enter their card information on our secure page and not on our client's website. The advantage in selecting this product is that it leaves all the security and payment processing to MyGate and our client does not have to worry about this aspect of handling online payments.

My Virtual uses SSL encryption and 3D Secure (if you don't know what this means, we will get back to it in a bit) to provide our client with a completely integrated and secure solution for accepting their credit card payments online. We will also take care of the highly regulated security around PCI DSS compliance (we will get back to this in a bit as well).

The other advantage in selecting this product is that it is extremely easy to integrate with an existing website.

The following image will give you a better idea of how this product works:

2. MyEnterprise

This product functions the same as the one above except for a few key differences.

- In this case the client would integrate to our API* (see definition at the bottom of the page) from their website or application, which means their customers remain in their online environment at all times and do not, like with the above product, redirect to an external payment page.

- Our clients choosing My Enterprise will need to integrate with 3D Secure. What this means is that MyGate will not be handling the 3D Secure aspect of the online payment proses but the client will have to  deal with this themselves.

This product is an ideal solution for our clients who may need to build additional process flows. This means that transaction types such as Authorise, Capture, Refunds, and Authorise Reversal can all be processed from within the API.

The following image will give you a better idea of how this product works and who it differs from the one above:

*Application programming interface - a set of functions and procedures that allow the creation of applications which access the features or data of another operating system, application, or other service.

What does API stand for?

  • All people integration
  • Application programming interface
  • Application programming integration
  • All product integration

When it comes to online payments this product is easily integrated with any existing website and requires little to no web development skill.

  • MyVirtual
  • MyEnterprise
Select an option below

With this product the client will have to integrate to our API from their website or application which means that their customer will remain in their online environment at all times.

  • MyVirtual
  • MyEnterprise
Select an option below

With MyEnterprise MyGate will handle the 3D Secure aspects of the payment proses.

  • Is the above statement True or False?

If our client wants to have transaction types available such as Authorise, Capture, Refunds and Authorize Reversal; which product would you recommend?

  • MyVirtual
  • MyEnterprise

With MyVirtual and MyEnterprise our clients will be able to generate recurring payments from the same customer without any further action on that customers part.

  • The above statement is TRUE
  • The above statement is TRUE for MyVirtual
  • The above statement is TRUE for MyEnterprise
  • The above statement is FALSE for MyVirtual and MyEnterprise