Product Training

In this course we will be looking at all the different products that our company offers.

The Main Products We Offer

We have three main categories in our product section

Can you name the three main categories of our product section ?

The Payment Gateway

Understanding The Payment Gateway

The four products that make up The Payment Gateway:

Let's look at Online Payments

How do our products help our customers with processing online payments?

What does API stand for?

When it comes to online payments this product is easily integrated with any existing website and requires little to no web development skill.

With this product the client will have to integrate to our API from their website or application which means that their customer will remain in their online environment at all times.

With MyEnterprise MyGate will handle the 3D Secure aspects of the payment proses.

If our client wants to have transaction types available such as Authorise, Capture, Refunds and Authorize Reversal; which product would you recommend?

With MyVirtual and MyEnterprise our clients will be able to generate recurring payments from the same customer without any further action on that customers part.