Small Group Intervention

This Course will teach you how to create a learning environment conducive of teaching small intervention groups.  It will also help you discover how to form groups based on data and to plan intervention activities that will be tailored to each groups individual needs.

Small Groups Interventions

Small group Interventions

Data Driven Small group Instruction revised

What does Intervention Group time look like?

Guided Reading Classroom Management

What are your struggles and success with intervention groups?

Struggles? Success?

Reflect and respond on how intervention groups have gone in the past.  What has worked well and what has not? How would you like intervention groups to go in the future and what is your biggest concern?

What data do you need to form Intervention Groups?

AIMS web Data

When do you give common assessments and how do you manage your class ?

When do you assess students?

Testing students one-on-one is hard when you have a classroom full of other students who all want your attention.  How do you manage testing?  Share your tips and tricks.

What resources can be used as interventions?

What makes an intervention research based?


List of Research Based Interventions

Intervention Handout for Reading and Math

Research Based Interventions


Interventions should be research based.  There are many places that claim to have interventions but they are not research based.  For RTI purposes, interventions should be researched.  Place the researched based interventions on the books and place the others in the top corner of the picture.

  • LLI (Leveled Literacy Intervention)
  • Wonders Comprehension
  • Wilson Phonics
  • Fundations
  • Pinterest
  • Teacher Pay Teachers
  • Google
  • Lakeshore/Mardels

Form Groups based on Data

How to form groups based on data

Forming Small Groups using data

Grouping students based on text level data

F&P Text Level Data

Form groups based on text level data. Students who struggle the most should have intervention time at least 4 times a week. Groups should remain as small as possible in order to provide specific interventions to close the learning gap. It is important to still spend time with your highest readers although interventions will usually be provided in the form of enrichment. Key for this sample guide is lowest readers to highest readers (Red-Yellow-Orange-Green-Blue).  The text level is in parenthesis.

  • Layliana(C)
  • Alyssa(J)
  • Leonardo(F)
  • Precious(B)
  • Rym(P)
  • Aiyonna(G)
  • Eden(N)
  • Amro(B)
  • Aryssa(B)
  • Ashyah(M)
  • Khalil(D)
  • Jayla(C)
  • Cody(C)
  • Oliver(N)
  • Patrick(E)
  • Thomas(D)
  • Devon(L)

Form groups using your students data

Form your students' intervention groups

Now its your turn to form intervention groups. Form groups and post them here. Reflect on the data you choose to use and provide an explanation of why you formed the groups the way you do.

Design an Intervention Lesson

Leveled Literacy Intervention Kit

Small group Lesson Plan

Create lessons for your small groups

Using the small group lesson plans template as your guide, create a lesson schedule for the small groups that you created. Post your template here as well as any questions that you may have.

Small Group Lesson Plan Therea Porter

Teach a small group lesson

Peer Evaluation

Marzano Focused Teacher Evaluation Model

What do you want the students to know or be able to do at the end of the lesson?

Objective for the Lesson

Reflect on what you would like the students to know at the end of the lesson. Please submit your learning goal and a list of personal goals you would like me to make note of while I am observing your lesson. Please record a lesson and email it to me ([email protected]) and I will provide peer feedback to help support your learning.