Cape Air Training

This course will provide a general overview of Cape Air


Cape Air was founded in 1989 by Dan Wolf

Our Aircraft

Cape Air has a fleet of almost 100 aircraft

85 Cessna 402s
2 BNIs
3 ATR 42s

What year did Cape Air begin service?

  • 1978
  • 1989
  • 1991
  • 1998


In the early 1990s, Cape Air expanded service in the northeast:


Martha's Vineyard


New Bedford

Which of these aircraft do not belong in Cape Air's fleet?


Our Number 1 Focus

Cape Air's top priority is Safety

We have a Safety Department made up of 4 people

Safety Reporting is done through WBAT which stands for Web-Based Application Tool

What does WBAT stand for?

  • Wiki Based Accessory Tablet
  • Web Based Application Tool
  • Wednesday Being After Tuesday

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Congratulations!  You have now completed the Introduction portion of training.

You will now move onto General Security training.

General Security


Whatever job function you perform, it is important that you recognize your role and responsibility when it comes to security. 

Please note: Ramp Agents and Customer Service Agents will learn more about their own specific security-related duties and responsibilities later on in separate training modules. 

The TSA carries out its mission of strengthening the security of the nation’s transportation systems through the enactment of Federal Rules called Transportation Security Regulations (TSR’s).

As an airline employee working in the airport environment, you should become familiar with three of the TSR’s:

  • 49 CFR 1544: Aircraft Operator or Airline Security
  • 49 CFR 1520: Sensitive Security Information
  • 49 CFR 1540: Individual Responsibilities

These regulations may be found in their entirety at the public website:

The TSA enacts Federal Rules called TSRs.  These are:

  • Today's Safety Recommendations
  • Transportation Security Regulations
  • Traveling Standby Referendums
  • Transportation Safety Reviews

Thank you for completing this module.

You will now complete a short quiz about Security.

Who is the AOSC for Cape Air?

  • Melanie Gradsky
  • Kevin Harris
  • Linda Markham
  • Dan Wolf

Who should you contact when an inspector is requesting training records?

  • Security
  • Ground Training
  • HR
  • Help Desk