English for Academics

Module 1 Organising and participating in academic events

Unit 1 Planning a conference

Lesson 1 A conference planning timeline

Lesson 1 A conference planning timeline

Work in pairs. Answer the questions and make some notes. Be ready to report your answers to the whole class. 1) When did you last attend a conference? 2) What were the good and bad points in your experience of that conference?

Listen and match the conversations (1-6) with what the speaker says (a-f).

  • c) He/She likes the accommodation he/she is staying in
  • e) He/She finds the technical facilities very good
  • f) He/She liked the extra activities offered during the conference
  • a) He/She is disappointed because the actual speakers were different from those stated in the programme
  • d) He/She is upset because it took him/her a long time to find the room he/she was presenting in
  • b) He/She is dissatisfied with the sessions he/she attended

Lesson 2 A call for papers

Look through the list of items that are normally included in a call for papers and tick the ones that are important for you. Compare your answers with other people’s.

  • □ keynote speakers
  • registration fee
  • programme committee
  • website
  • submission guidelines
  • deadlines
  • presentation formats
  • sponsorship
  • conference title
  • venue
  • conference dates
  • subthemes
  • contact details
  • selection criteria
  • working languages