The Student Attendance Verification System for online instructors

The Student Attendance Verification System

This module will teach instructors how to use the Student Attendance Verification System at the University of Mississippi

Why verify student attendance?

Beginning Fall 2015, the University must abide by federal guidelines to verify the attendance (or participation for online courses) of students in each class for which they are enrolled. The purposes of this requirement are to ensure eligibility of students for financial aid, to support retention and seat management efforts, and to enable the maintenance of more accurate enrollment data. 

Instructors are required to enter attendance verifications for each of their students in each of their courses by the end of the second week of the regular semester.

Fall attendance verification window: August 22 - September 2

Tracking student attendance is good for students and good for the University!

How do I verify student participation in my online classes?

Online instructors will first have to verify that students are actively participating in their class.

What is active participation?

Student attendance in online courses is defined as active participation in the course as described in the individual course syllabus. Unlike Individual Study or iStudy courses, online courses will, at a minimum, have weekly mechanisms for student participation no more frequently than daily, which can be documented by any or all of the following methods:

  • Completion of tests or quizzes
  • Discussion forums
  • Submission/completion of assignments
  • Communication with the instructor
  • Or other course participation

Online students are verified through the same system as students in your live classes. 

Follow these steps to use the Attendance Verification Interface to verify student attendance:

1. Go into MyOleMiss and sign in

2. Click on 'Class rolls and grades'

3. After choosing the current semester, you will see a list of your classes.

4. During the first two weeks of the semester you will see a Submit Attendance Verification link under the header for each course section listed. Click on this link.

5. A new window will open up with the header "Submit Attendance Verification."

6. You have three options for verifying each student: Present, No show, and Special Circumstances.

7. If all of your students have actively participated in your online class, you can click "Mark all as Present" and click submit.

8. If not all of your students have actively participated in your online class, you will have to verify each student individually as present, no show, or special circumstances.

See for more information about special circumstances.

9. When you are done verifying student attendance, don't forget to click "Submit" to save your report.

This is really important! A student who only logs into your online class, but does nothing else CANNOT be verified as actively participating.

What happens if I don't verify my students' attendance?

Verification of attendance will occur during the first two weeks of a regular semester. During the third week of class, academic administrators will contact the faculty to resolve cases. If a student's attendance has not been verified in a class at the end of the third week, and if the student has not voluntarily dropped, the student will be administratively dropped from the class.

This action may have an impact on the student's financial aid eligibility and full-time status. In other words, students could lose their financial aid if their attendance in class is not verified. From the University's perspective, this process avoids over-awarding of financial aid, for which the institution often has incurred Title IV funds pay back expenses, and avoids potential federal penalties.

Which of these is NOT an example of active student participation in an online course?

  • Emailing the instructor
  • Posting to a discussion board
  • Submitting a homework assignment
  • Taking a survey
  • Taking a quiz
  • Completing a learning module that contains trackable content
  • Logging into the course on Blackboard

Where do I go to verify my students' attendance?

Is the statement below true or false?

  • If instructors do not verify each student's attendance by the end of the first two weeks of class, a student could be dropped from the class and lose her financial aid.