Society Orientation - Learning Feedback

Please complete this learning feedback to see how well you know about the Society and it's work.

This is an opportunity for you to find out if there are any areas that you need to find out more about and will also helps us to improve our training to suits the needs of our members and volunteers.

Please allow approximately 15-20 minutes to complete all of the questions.

Vision, mission and values

Write three examples of how you have recently carried out (or plan to carry out) the Vision and Mission of the Society in your work

Name at least four of the key values of the Society as listed in the Rule, 7th Edition 2012

True or False


  • The St Vincent de Paul Society was founded by a 20 year old student
  • The student’s name was St Vincent
  • Charles Gordon O’Neill started the first Conference in Sydney in 1881
  • Sr Rosalie Rendu was instrumental in assisting Frederic Ozanam and his friends develop the skills they needed to assist the poor
  • The St Vincent de Paul Society is an international organisation
  • The Society receives direct funding from the Catholic Church

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What does the Society’s logo mean?

Where does the Society get its money from?

  • donations and bequests
  • the Parish
  • the retail shops
  • government funding
  • all of the above

Name ten services the St Vincent de Paul Society provides

Select the services we are able to assist people with:

  • Advocacy
  • Mobile food services
  • Migrant and refugee support
  • Prison visitation
  • Hospital visitation
  • Home visitation
  • Friendship program for people with a mental illness
  • Employment support
  • Emergency accommodation
  • Drug and alcohol rehabilitation services
  • Disability services
  • Children’ activities and holiday programs
  • Aged care

Define the word poverty

How would you explain the difference between a hand out and a hand up to the people we assist?

What are some strategies you will use to build an empathic relationship with the people we assist

True or False?


  • Under the Privacy Act 1988, we need to explain why personal information is being collected, how it will be used and when it will be disclosed
  • The person we assist does not have to give us their real name
  • It is OK to visit a client by yourself
  • We do not need to be aware of Child Protection principles as we do not assist children without their parents / carers
  • The person we assist can ask to access the information we write about them