Sexual Harassment: Part 1

Sexual Harassment

Part 1

We All Know

We all know a joke or two regarding sexual harassment in the workplace.We all know it’s wrong. We might even know it’s against the law.

Part 1

What We Don’t Always Know

Here are a few things we don't always know about sexual harassment:

  • It happens much more often than we think;
  • In the majority of cases, the harasser doesn't think he or she did anything wrong;
  • a lawsuit from it can, depending on the circumstances, put an employee out of a job and/or a company out of business.

Part 1

About the Author of this Lesson

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Tom Faulconer of Tom’s Take

My name is Tom Faulconer. I’ve been a lawyer for over 25 years. Today, you and I are going to change the way you think about sexual harassment in the workplace.

I'll be popping up occasionally during the course to offer some insight and point out some important points.

Part 1

It Can Happen

Meet Ashley. Yes, she’s real.

Ashley was employed by a rent-to-own furniture and electronics chain for about a year.

She was awarded $95,000,000* in damages for a sexual-harassment claim.

*A statute capping damages reduced the award to $40,000,000.

Part 1

It Can Happen

Meet Ani. She’s real, too.


Ani chopourian


Ani was a physician’s assistant to an all-male group of cardiac surgeons.

We will look more at her case later, but you might be interested to know that, in 2012, she was awarded $168,000,000, marking the largest sexual-harassment award to a single person in history.