Executive Functioning Volunteer Training Module 2

Welcome to Executive Functioning Skills Module 2! This interactive training module will refresh what you learned about executive functioning skills in Module 1 and expand on the implementation of these skills. At the end of the module, you will be able to: 

  1. Compare the meaning of all eight executive functioning skills
  2. Identify the highest area of executive functioning skill need as the focus of     instruction for the next 8 weeks
  3.  Identify the activities that help improve each of the eight executive functioning skill areas
  4. ´┐╝´┐╝Choose executive functioning practice activities to use in tutoring sessions
  5. Construct a schedule of when these activities will occur

1. Executive Functioning Skills Refresher

Why Executive Functioning Skills?

Executive Funcitoning and Self-Regulation 

Please watch the video to the left and then read this ARTICLE. Both of these sources will refresh your memory from Module 1 and will align with the purpose of why we want to implement executive functioning skills into our tutoring sessions. 

Executive Functioning Activity Guide Navigation

Please print out this activity guide! 

The activity guide below can be found HERE , or can be accessed under the training resources tab on the volunteer site. Please use this activity guide to help you throughout this module as you would when you receive your actual student test results. 

Check-in: Identify The 8 Executive Functioning Skills

Please drag the name of the executive functioning skill into the box next to the appropriate skills associated with that executive functioning skill. 
  • Impulse Control
  • Goal-Directed Persistence
  • Flexible Thinking
  • Working Memory
  • Self-Monitoring
  • Planning and Prioritizing
  • Task Initiation
  • Organization

2. Reading Executive Functioning Skill Assessment Results

Deficiency Area on Assessment Results

Check-in: Reading Assessment Results

Please type your answer into the blank space.


After receiving this test summary page shown below, the greatest area of deficit for this student is.

3. Using Executive Functioning Skill Assessment Results

Using Your Executive Functioning Skills Activity Guide


Below you can walk through an example of how you would choose an appropriate activity for a student who has a deficiency in impulse control by using the test results and activity guide. 

Check-in: Using Assessment Results

Using your activity guide, match the executive functioning skill on the left to the activity that it helps to improve on the right. 
  • Impulse Control
  • Goal-Directed Persistence
    Set Goals
  • Flexible Thinking
  • Working Memory
  • Self-Monitoring
    Reflect on Progress
  • Planning and Prioritizing
    Plan Session
  • Task Initiation
    Record Start Time
  • Organization
    Establish a Routine

4. Implementing Executive Functioning Skill Activities

Check-in: Scenario 1

Please type your answer in the box below and click submit to see if your answer is correct. 

Scenario 1: John is surprised when he gets in trouble or finds out that he received a bad grade on an assignment. He has difficulty tracing back his steps to see where things went wrong. John is unable to use feedback to change his behavior to receive more positive feedback. His assessment ended up showing the results above. What activity might help John to know how to change his behaviors or fix them from the start?

*Use your activity guide to help. 

Check-in: Scenario 2

Please type your answer in the box below and click submit to see if your answer is correct. 

Scenario 2: Megan has a lot of work to get done, but can never seem to finish any of her work. She gets a few things done here and there, but is always confused about what to do next and often forgets about projects that she needs to complete and when they are due by. Her assessment ended up showing the results above. What activity might help Megan to get her work done in order and on time? 

*Use your activity guide to help. 

Check-in: Scenario 3

Please type your answer in the box below and click submit to see if your answer is correct. 

Scenario 3: Andy is having trouble following simple directions and tends to forget what tasks she needs to accomplish. She also struggles to tell others about the story she just read and forgets important events. Her assessment ended up showing the results above. What activity might help Andy to know how to change her behaviors or fix them from the start? 

*Use your activity guide to help. 

5. Executive Functioning Skill Activity Calendar Setup

What Happens After The Activity is Chosen?

After you have chosen the activity to focus on, you will create a calendar for the next 8 weeks. You will want to focus on one activity for the next 8 weeks with your student. Above, you will find an example of a calendar like the one that you will create for your student. 

Example Calendar for Impulse Control Activity

The calendar above was created by a volunteer who found that his student needed to work on impulse control, so he decided to focus on yoga as the activity for his student for the next 8 weeks. 

Sharing Your Calendar on Google Drive

Create and Share 

The video above will remind you how to create and share a google calendar using your volunteer Gmail account. When creating your calendar, please include your name and your student's name in the title. Then, please share the calendar with the volunteer coordinator's email: bfvolunteercoordinator@gmail.com.

Please create your calendar based on the previous examples given in this module. 

Volunteer Coordinator Observation


In the first or second week of implementing the appropriate executive functioning skill activity, our volunteer coordinator, Megan Smith, will be coming to observe how you are implementing your activity in your session. She will be giving you feedback and tips. Megan will contact you once you have turned in your completed calendar to let you know when she will be observing your session. 

Module 2 Is Now Compete

Module 2 is Now Complete 

Module 3 will open soon and will cover tracking your student's progress over the next 8 weeks and determining what direction to head in next after the 8 weeks are over. 

You will need to click on the Home button, then click on Finish Course and click on Submit to make sure that your results are recorded.