This e-learning module will provide you with the information to be able to take calls on AMWU Care.

Created by : Lewie Moodley, Senior Clinical Educator. 


Glossary of terms.


AMWU – Australian manufacturers workers union.

AMWU Care -  Counselling and supported referrals 24/7 provided by our counselling staff.

Callback service team – CBS delivered by the Mensline Callback team. 

Eligibility - Meeting the stipulated requirements.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                               

Helpdesk - The AMWU Helpdesk is a National Call Centre that is run from 8am to 8pm (AEDST) Monday to Thursday, and 8am to 5.30pm on Friday. This is can be seen as an operational line staffed by AMWU.

Supported referral – Follow up to track referrals made by CBS team.

Warn linking - One site is said to have an inline link to the other site, linking from AMWU Care to AMWU Helpdesk.

Introduction to the AMWU.


The AMWU is a trade union, therefore the majority of its role is helping its member with their issues in the workplace.

We provide:

Counselling support for members and families, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

On the Line launched a  24/7 support line for Australian Manufacturing Workers Union (AMWU) members and their families in November 2012.

Who are the members?

Typical types of members/member groups. 

Metal and engineering members: These are typically members who are located either in factories, workshops or they may be service technicians going from site to site.  The types of occupations these might include are boilermakers, fitter and turners, sheet metal workers, machine processers and refrigeration mechanics.

Food and Confectionary Division: These are typically members who work in factories, as food processors or machinists, such as ice-cream manufacturers or vegetable processors.

Vehicle Division: these are typically members who could work on the factory floor, small workshops, call centres or retail outlets.  The types of occupations these might include are vehicle assembly workers and mechanics.

Printing Division: These are typically members who could work in factories, photocopy centres or home offices, such as newspaper printing machinists, leaflets printing and stationery manufacturer.  It could also include graphic designers.

Your role as a counsellor.

The counsellor's role working on AMWU Care. 


Counsellors will provide confidential, professional short-term counselling (up to 40 mins).

Counsellors will provide, where applicable, information and supported referrals to AMWU members and their families.

Counsellors can perform risk assessments if needed. 

Counsellors will provide information and referrals for non-AMWU members.

The AMWU Helpdesk.

What is the helpdesk? 

The AMWU Helpdesk is a National Call Centre that is run from 8am to 8pm (AEDST) Monday to Thursday, and 8am to 5.30pm on Friday.  The Helpdesk receives up to 60 calls and emails per day from members and non-members on issues relating to their workplace. 

 These issues can include, but are not limited to:

Wages and Allowances (payroll disputes, underpayment of wages

Termination of employment (redundancy, unfair dismissal, resignation)Hours of work (too much overtime, changes of hours / shifts, loadings)

Disciplinary procedures (warnings, investigations, suspensions)

Types of leave (annual leave, long service leave, parental, personal and any related questions)

Employment assistance

Warm linking guide.

How to warmlink to the AMWU helpdesk. 

This is the standard warm linking process as per all services. 

AMWU Care Line Counsellor should:

· Assess if the client will benefit from specialist advice and offer a warm link to AMWU Help Desk

 If  the client agrees please obtain:

. Members first name

. Phone number (including area code)

· Transfer the client to AMWU Help Desk on (02) 8863 7900 (using Avaya) 


AMWU Care Line Counsellor will advise the helpdesk:

· They are calling from AMWU Care Line and provide their name

· Provide the members name and telephone number (including area code)

· AMWU Care Line counsellor  will then complete the transfer


If the Help Desk isn't available immediately:

· The AMWU Care Line counsellor can ask if the client is happy to continue holding, and cold transfer the call. Alternatively, the Care Line Counsellor can provide the client with the AMWU Help Desk contact number.


           AMWU Help Desk:

     Phone: 1300 732 698                  

    Hours:  Monday to Thursday, 8:00am to 8:00pm

    Friday, 8:00am to 5:30pm


Using Avaya to warm link the helpdesk.

Process to follow on how to warmlink.

1. On your softphone, click ‘Transfer’

2. Then select destination for'Transfer' a  window will then appear.In the ‘To’ section, type in the phone number you wish to transfer your caller to. 

Make sure to enter in ‘0’ before the phone number – For example, 093331111.Click ‘Ok’ and the call will transfer accordingly.

AMWU Care vs AMWU Helpdesk.


The AMWU Care provides:

Counselling, supported referrals (Follow up calls to track the referral success or failure).  Information around a range of mental health issues, relationship and family concerns, financial problems, suicide ideation and substance abuse.  We will also assess for risk if risk is present on the call. Risk is assessed according to OTL's standard risk assessment procedures. 

The AMWU Helpdesk

The Helpdesk provides:

Members can receive advice on industrial and employment related issues from the AMWU Helpdesk.

The Helpdesk operates from 8am to 8pm, Monday to Thursday and 8am to 5.30pm on Fridays. They will likely refer to us and we can refer to them

Eligibility and Confidentiality of the service.

Who is Eligible? 

Ask the caller if they are an AMWU member or a family member.

 No further questioning or investigation required in regards to eligibility.

 If caller states they’re not a member of the AMWU or family member, information and referral is provided. 

If a caller is highly distressed or at risk, we respond as necessary.

What about confidentiality ? 

Callers can be informed that no identifying information is passed back to the AMWU, only broad demographic details.

Possible client presentations.

Presenting concerns. 

Examples of where the counselling service may be of assistance:

Members who are stressed as a result of bullying or harassment

Members who are suffering some kind of psychological distress

Members who are going through workers compensation issues and prone to depression.  These members will often have treating doctors, but the counselling service could be another avenue for referral, particularly in terms of imminent threat

Members experiencing emotional distress as a result of dismissal, or the process of claiming for unfair dismissal (in one case a member threatened self-harm)

Loss of job, through redundancy or the company going into liquidation, particularly those suffering financial hardship or those with limited prospects for re-employment

Members suffering bereavement

Members caring for family members who are ill or disabled

Members suffering financial difficulties and stress as a result of a payroll dispute

Case noting calls.

Case noting

Completed SOAP notes are required for call back service, risk assessments and supported referrals only. 

Case notes for single sessions are not mandatory and are at counsellor discretion.

AMWU telephone calls and online sessions are logged in I-case under Mens line Services.

Under SERVICE TYPE select ‘AMWU Care’

If the call made was for a Supported Referral, then  under SERVICE TYPE select ‘AMWU – Supported Referral.

Selecting ‘AMWU Care’ or ‘AMWU – Supported Referral’ adds a further drop down menu in the Mens lines.

iCase record.

Complete all drop down menus in I-case, including the AMWU drop down after a call.

How to use iCase.

Select  AMWU in ‘Call Type’.

 Counselling sessions, including disconnected numbers, leaving messages and rescheduling.

This shows the result of the call, eg. if the call was a counselling call or the number disconnected.  There is also an option for the type of referral provided.   This appears under the tab “Session Outcome”. 

1> Choose the service directory ( Incoming or Outgoing calls)

2>  Choose the Service Type, for example, AMWU Care

3> Choosing AMWU will create a new tab below labelled AMWU. 

iCase continued...

Geographic data (postcode), Gender, Age, Language spoken at home, Aboriginality.  This appears under “Caller Profile”.

For the purpose of reporting, it is important to indicate how the caller heard about AMWU Care.  Please use the drop down menu indicated and select the relevant option.  If there is not a suitable option, please select ‘Other’.

The AMWU Care Call Back Service (CBS).

The Call Back Service.  ( Delivered by the Mensline Call Back Service Team) 

This is not the same as a follow-up call, please note the differences. 

Available to AMWU members only (including youth)

The AMWU CBS  involves 6 x 50-minute telephone or online counselling sessions, similar to the MCBS model, and in fact, are picked up by the MCBS team.

Appointment times can be between 12.00 and 22.00 on weekdays and 10.00 to 16.00 on weekends.

Eligibility -  AMWU CBS is available to members who are unable to access face to face counselling due to geographical, financial, social or emotional isolation.

Eligibility -  members must not be currently engaged with a mental health professional and presenting issue must fall within OTLs general counsellor skillsets.

Counsellors will initiate an AMWU CBS, in the same way, they initiate an MLA CBS, by completing all required fields in the  ‘Call Back Services’  section in ‘Session Outcomes”, this includes information on contact number, best times to call etc.

Ensure when making an AMWU Call Back record that SOAP notes are included so the MCBS counsellor has all the relevant information.

Call Back Service Eligibility.

Referral to the Call Back Service will not be offered by the counsellor when:

The client is engaged with a professional (e.g. counsellor, psychologist, psychiatrist) or another callback services.  If the client is dissatisfied with the service they are already receiving from this professional, then they are to be encouraged to discuss this with that professional.

The issue has been addressed in the single session to the satisfaction of the client.

The issues raised are indicative of significant mental health issues which require long term face to face counselling, or immediate risk issues, in which case consultation must take place with a CS.

The issues raised are not within the generic skill set of a counsellor.

Remember always seek consent before referring a client to the CBS.

AMWU Care Supported referrals.

The referral process. 

If an AMWU member has been given a referral in their counselling session this can be followed up by the AMWU Care as a ‘Supported Referral’.

Supported Referrals are to check in on the member’s progress with the specific referral and are to be made no earlier than 10 days and no more than 12 days after the initial contact (this allows time for the referral to take place).

These are to be referred to the MCBS in the same way one would refer a call back  and MCBS will pick up the call. MCBS counsellors will make a maximum o f two call attempts. Ask for permission regarding leaving a message. 

How to complete a callback request/supported referral.

Once you have  selected the Mensline Services Tab in iCase, you will need to follow these steps to complete a supported referral or initiate a callback:

Please note if the caller is being referred for a single follow-up call for a supported referral you need to include this in the notes. 

We need to differentiate between a 6 session call back versus a follow-up call for the call back service team. 

In the iCase you will need to select the session outcomes tab. 

Click the Session outcomes tab and scroll down…

Select Call back service offered- Accepted. Do not select call back counsellor. This will automatically log the request with the MCBS teams unallocated callers list

Please ask the client if we can leave a message then complete that tab in iCase. 

Tick the box

Please pick the date and time for the call back as discussed with the client.

Once all the relevant fields have been completed please save your iCase record and that will lodge your request. 


Presenting issues can be added in the case notes section, it is about half way down the “Session outcome” tab and is set up with the letters SOAP so that SOAP notes can be added.

 Note, if you enter notes in the ‘Case note’ section, it is important to make sure that the ‘Call back service offered’ option under ‘Call back services’ has been selected.  This is necessary to ensure that any notes are saved.

AMWU Care Web and Media Services.


AMWU Care operates 24/7 text online and video counselling.

Text online sessions are skilled to counsellors using the Advocate Administrator program at the CS desk.

Video online sessions come through as text online sessions first and are then converted to video sessions by the counsellor using Skype.

Risk Management Procedure.

How do you assess risk?

The AMWU Care Line manages risk in accordance with OTLs clinical policies and procedures.

If  risk is apparent, the risk is to be assessed and resolved regardless of AMWU membership.

The current risk assessment process will be followed with appropriate consultation with the Centre Supervisor where necessary.

Recording Risk in iCase.

Recording Risk.

Level of risk has a complete tab dedicated to it, and is made up of 3 separate sections, Violence to self, Violence to others, Violence to Children. We assess risk in the same way we do on any other services, we apply standard risk assessment criteria. 

There is no requirement to provide information to senior AMWU staff where risk has been identified and/or an intervention undertaken, but if there are any concerns about ongoing risk the counsellor is to consult with the Centre Supervisor. 

Future reading.

Please view the AMWU participant guide located on the intranet in the counselling centre page. 

What does AMWU stand for?

  • Austalian Manufacturers Workers Union
  • Australian Workers Manufacturing Union
  • Australian Meat Workers Union
Please select one correct answer. 

How many call back session are AMWU members offered?

  • 5 - 50 minute sessions
  • 6- 50 minute sessions
  • 6- 60 minute sessions
Please select one correct answer. 

Who is eligible for the AMWU Care CBS?

  • AMWU members only
  • Any person who calls the line
  • It is determined by the counsellor on the phone
Please select one correct answer. 

Where in i-Case would you find the AMWU service.

  • In Veteran Services
  • In Suicide Services
  • In Mens lines Services
Please select one correct answer. 

What type of confidentiality is offered to callers?

  • No identifying information is passed back to the AMWU, only broad demographic details.
  • Some identifying information is passed back to the AMWU.
  • All identifying information is passed back to the AMWU and broad demographic details
Please select one correct answer. 

Where do you warm link to?

  • Jigsaw
  • AMWU help desk
  • AMWU call back service
Please select one correct answer.