Employee Orientation

Welcome to ICL!

This presentation has been developed to enhance your knowledge of Independent Container Line, its workgroups and the transportation of containerized cargo.

The material in this presentation has been segregated by departmental workgroups.  At the end of each workgroup  you will be asked to complete a brief questionnaire related to the contents just reviewed.



Let's start from the very beginning - History of Containerization

In order for you to understand our business, you first need to learn about the birth of our industry. 

Please click on the below link to view video. 


What is the name of the man who invented containerized shipping?

  • Marshall McLean
  • Malcom McLean

WHO are we?

ICL Video

Independent Container Line

We are a shipping line called Independent Container Line (ICL) founded in 1985 by William O. Gohlke and Jesse N. Pope. In mid 1998, Jesse Pope was named CEO and President of ICL.

On January 1, 2007 ICL’s senior management restructured in preparation for Mr. Pope’s retirement at the end of 2007. The new structure named a new CEO and COO. 

Please click on the link to learn about our leaders: 


ICL’s owner and shareholder is Dr. Folkard Edler who resides in Hamburg, Germany. Dr. Edler’s company is called ICL Holding & Co.GmbH.

ICL has five offices located in:

  • Glen Allen, VA (Headquarters)

  • Chester, PA

  • Antwerp, BE (Corporate Office)

  • Liverpool, UK

ICL approximately has 175 employees; 75 are located in the United States. 

Who is our Chief Executive Officer?

  • Dale Ross
  • John Kirkland

Approximately how many employees does ICL have?

  • 75
  • 175
  • 100

What year was ICL founded?

  • 1985
  • 1989

Where are our offices?

  • Glen Allen, Antwerp, London, Chester,
  • Glen Allen, Chester, Antwerp, Liverpool
  • Glen Allen, Delaware, Antwerp, Liverpool

WHAT do we do?


Independent Container Line sells "containerized shipping services." 

ICL transports containers across the Atlantic Ocean. In addition we provide other shipping services. To learn about our services please explore the tabs under "About ICL" in our website and answer the questions on the next slide. 


WHERE do we ship?

WHERE do we ship?

Between the east coast of the United States and the west coast of Europe, better known in the industry as the North Atlantic Trade Lane. 

  • ICL’s Ports of Call/Loading and Discharging ports

    • Wilmington, NC located on the Cape Fear River (Operated by North Carolina Ports)

    • Chester, PA located on the Delaware River (Penn Terminals)

    • Antwerp, BE located on the Scheldt River (Independent Maritime Terminals (IMT)

    • Liverpool, UK located on the River Mersey (Mersey Dock & Harbor Co)

  • Click here to view the vessel route and transit times: http://www.icl-ltd.com/fixed-weekly-schedule/#transit

WHEN do we ship?


  • We have 4 vessels that travel from the east coast of the United States to the west coast of Europe on a fixed weekly schedule.

Vessel departures:

  • Chester – Wednesday

  • Wilmington – Friday

  • Antwerp – Tuesday

  • Liverpool – Friday

Currently all vessels employed in ICL’s services are German owned. Our Shareholder own 3 of the 4 vessels in our service.

Names of the Vessels:

  • Independent Voyager

  • Independent Pursuit

  • Frisia Bonn

  • Independent Spirit

Vessels are secured by Charter Hire Agreement and/or Purchase. The Vessel and its services may be leased for a designated period of time, known as time charter.

These vessels provide a tonnage capacity range of 1720-2330 TEU’s per sailing.


Our Process

Process explanation with departments included:

  • Sales Team - Pursues and secures business in line with ICL's objectives.
  • Eastbound Customer Service - Inside Sales Team -  Provides support to the Sales team in the ongoing development of existing and prospective customers.  
  • Pricing Departments (Full-Container Load & Supply Chain Services Pricing)- Provides rates to customers based on commodity, container size/type, destination and transportation mode. 
  • Eastbound Customer Service - Booking - Creates shipment orders by booking outbound freight shipments.
  • Intermodal - Ensures timely and efficient movement of trucks from and to the port (pick-ups and drop offs). 
  • Full-Container-Load Documentation and Supply Chain Services Documentation- Prepares and provides the Bill of Lading per customs regulations.
  • Marine Operations - Responsible for managing the performance of ICL's vessels. 
  • Ports - Manages and monitors all terminal, marine, and warehouse operations for the safe, efficient, and economical handling of containers and cargo.
  • Import Customer Service - Ensures shipments importing the United States from Europe are in compliance with regulatory requirements.
  • Equipment Control - Documents, investigates, and evaluates claim liabilities in any situation that might compromise cargo and equipment. 
  • Our supporting departments help the process continue!
    • Accounting - Manages accounts receivables and accounts payable process; responsible for corporate financial reporting, budgeting, cash management, and treasury functions. 
    • IT - Responsible for ICL's software developments and ICL's system infrastructure
    • Human Resources - Responsible for the HR activities including talent acquisition, learning and development, total rewards, organizational development, workforce management, employee relations, and HR systems. 
    • Marketing - Supports the Sales team by developing marketing materials; responsible for the content management of ICL's website; coordinates company functions and employee travel

ICL Departments

To find out more about each department's responsibility, please visit: Portal > HR tab > Training and Development > US > Departmental Power Points - Employee Awareness.

Inside ICL


Get to know our team: 



Steering Committee (Executive Committee)

Composition: Executives from the United States and Europe. 

Purpose: Establish and communicate policy & provide management directive for achieving company-wide goals and objectives. 


Composition: Operations leaders. 

Purpose: Deploy operations projects.

Employee Focus Group

Composition: C.O.O., Sr. Director of Human Resources, & employees.

Purpose: 1) Philanthropy activities; 2) ICL activities; 3) Raise any concerns/suggestions 


At ICL, communication is key to ensure a successful future. 

Our Portal is our intranet and platform to communicate the following: 

  • Leadership Messages - John and Dale's message to the organization (A written update on the company and the industry. Provided monthly)
  • ICL Announcements 
  • Industry News 
  • Departmental Forms and Documentation 
  • Company Plan (Plan vs. Actual Bookings)
  • Birthdays/Anniversaries

It is every employee's responsibility to stay up to date with the above information! 

Please write the names of the people who work in your department. First name only.

  • Put your answer option here
  • Put your answer option here

Who is the Director of Marine Operations?

  • Melveyn
  • Bob Masquille

Name the committee made up of operational leaders.

  • Helm
  • EFG
  • Steering Committee

Where can you find the Leadership Messages in the Portal?

  • Portal - Left side of the page, middle
  • Under the HR tab
  • Portal - Right corner
  • Portal - End of page, middle

Human Resources - Tools & Info

HR Applications

As an ICL employee, you will use the following applications:

  • ADP - Time cards & Pay Statement
  • Halogen - Talent Development (training & performance evaluations)
  • Benefits - Each benefit has their own webpage (401K, HSA, Vision/Dental/Medical). Search the Portal, Click HR > Scroll to the bottom of the page to find "Useful US HR Links."
  • Other applications related to your department.

Talent Development:   

The purpose of Talent Development is to establish expectations and professional development needs, review performance, recognize employee contributions, align individual goals with company goals, and provide feedback and coaching through two-way communication between Management and Employees.

Our Talent Development process takes place throughout the year. However, we promote the ongoing conversations and feedback between employees and managers. Talent Development is divided into three main parts: 1)Goal review; 2) Competency Review; 3)Career Review. 

  • Goal review is a tool provided to establish and monitor goals. These should be specific, measureable, and aligned with the organization and departmental goals. 
  • Competency Review is a self-assessment of different capabilities. 
  •  Career Review is the opportunity to express any areas of interest or career opportunities and it is conducted on odd number of years (2017, 2019, 2021...).


New Employees - New employees will be evaluated after 90 days 

  • January - Goal Review (finalize previous year's goals and establish new ones) & Competency Review. 
  • February/March - Compensation Review  
  • June - Goal Status Review (check progress on goals established at the beginning of the year).
  • Feb-Nov - Career Review Meeting (only during odd number of years). 

You will receive an e-mail notification from Halogen indicating when you should complete these evaluations. 

Tips to be successful at ICL

Tips for success!

  • Understand the purpose of your position & department. 
  • Stay abreast of changes in the Company and Shipping Industry by reading ICL's announcements and Leadership Messages. 
  • Get to know your co-workers! 
  • Ask questions, we are here to help!