Exclusive Events Training Programme on Project Plans

Welcome to Exclusive Events Training Programme on Project Plans. This short training programme aims to bridge the gap between Events Management and Project Management by introducing International Project Management Standards to the challenging field of Events Management.

Learning Outcome 4: What is a resource and what are dependencies in a project plan?

Learning Outcome 4: Allocate resources and dependencies to tasks

What are Resources?

Resources in project planning are any item or person required to perform or carry out a project activity or task. For Exclusive Events Projects, many of these remain the same as for an ordinary business project plan, however you may find that there are more types of resources and the method in measuring and managing these may prove challenging. Resources include people, equipment, facilities (venues) and funding. It is best practice to separate human and non-human resources in your Exclusive Event Project Plan to identify what resources are needed and at which stage. An example of a resource that is not a typical project planning resource is a volunteer. This human resource may be used on small to large scale Exclusive Events dependent on the funder and nature of the event. Leadership and management becomes an important role when volunteers are part of the Exclusive Events Project Team.

Why Allocate Resources?

The allocation of resources and dependencies to tasks is important to Exclusive Events Project Plans as Events Planning relies heavily upon the human resources and other materials required for project plans. The Events Project Manager and Project Team need to be clearly identified, together with their associated roles and responsibilities to ensure that all work to be completed has one or more responsible resources assigned. In capturing this information, you are ensured that as much expendable work as possible is minimized, role conflictions are identified as soon as possible and over-use of resources are apparent.

Resource Allocation

Task Dependencies:

Task dependencies could appear daunting when first introduced to the concept however, this is a necessary step and the output is usually a graphic called a Gantt Chart. There are several programs that allow an individual to input data and to visually display a Gantt Chart, however a simplified form is possible to create in any Table Format.

Gantt Chart example

What is a human resource?

  • Project Manager
  • Venue
  • Funding
  • Equipment

Resource Match

  • Volunteer
    Not a typical resource
  • Facility
    Non-human resource
  • Person
    Human Resource

Select the Overallocation of Resources on the Project Plan below