MICT Oil Buying Coordinator

Welcome to the Oil Buying Coordinator Community!

This course is designed to provide you with everything you need to know to promote oil buying in Mull and Iona!

In this course we will cover products, pricing, servicing and how to obtain the best price for your customers.

If you have any questions within this course, please email [email protected] or phone 07496280028.

How did it all begin?

DTAS Oil Buying was born out of a partnership between the Development Trust Association Scotland and Craggs Energy Limited; an English North West and Yorkshire based fuel distributor who offer an online oil buying platform. www.DTASOilBuying.org.uk

We would like you to promote our service to anyone who buys Heating Oil in your area. We would much prefer to pay you and MICT the commission rather than pay Google!

The role of an Oil Buying Coordinator

Your role is to promote Oil Buying and related products to anyone who buys Heating Oil in your area. There are a number of benefits to buying oil from you-

Obtain fair, transparent prices

We don't believe in hiding prices from customers. This is the exact reason why we have an online site which displays over 15 options for each quote. 

A simple and easy process

Customers have the option to order with you or via the website. Ordering via the website is easy- the process takes just 2 minutes to complete.

One expert point of contact

Customers can be reassured that you are at hand to answer any questions or queries they may have. In addition, products and ordering are easily accessible.

There are a number of ways in which you can promote Oil Buying in Mull and Iona. Our Marketing team here at Craggs will be sending over leaflets and email examples for you to use if you so wish.

Word of mouth




Social Media (Facebook/Twitter)

When taking orders from customers, you need three pieces of information from them before you can give them a price.

  • Postcode
  • Number of litres
  • Delivery window (when do they want it?)

Placing Orders

Obtaining the best price for your customers.

Increase volume and delivery days to obtain better pricing.


  • Lower pence per litre
  • Fewer deliveries to oversee
  • Fill tank while prices are low

Note: A typical customer order 3-4 times in a year. This is naturally dependant on the size of house and usage. A trend we have noticed in Scotland is that most people order 500 litres at a time. An average tank usually holds more than 1000l. 

Step by Step online order process


Order Confirmation

Once the customer has selected their delivery day and volume, they can place their order via the website and pay using card or PayPal. There is the option to buy a Tank Sponge and Additive on the site- further details will be covered in the Product section.

The customer will then receive confirmation of their order automatically through our system.

Products to sell


Kerosene (also known as Heating Oil, 28 Second Burning Oil and Paraffin) is a liquid fuel product most commonly used for central heating in properties not generally serviced by mains gas.

Additionally, Kerosene can be used in certain manufacturing machines, green house heating systems and power washers.

Most domestic customers fill up 3-4 times per year- this is naturally dependant on usage and household size.


This additive is designed for the use of boilers.

£20 + VAT

This is an additive designed specifically for AGAs and Range Cookers.

£20 + VAT

Why use an additive?

• Reduction in system maintenance issues

• Inhibition of deposit growth in storage tank

• Minimisation of potential tank corrosion

How do you use the additive?

These come in bottles which treat 2000 litres of additive. There is no need to mix the additive- just pop it in your tank and that’s all you need to do. 

For best results, pour the contents of your bottle into the tank prior or during delivery. 

The bottle does not need to be used all at once, simply replace the lid and store in a cool, dark place away from children and sources of ignition.

Tank Sponge

Tanks become contaminated due to condensation, tank breathing and the fuel itself. Condensation is created inside the tank through temperature changes around the tank.

Water from condensation produces the life support system for microbes inside the tank. These microbes cause the fuel to breakdown forming a layer of sludge at the bottom of the tank.


How does the Tank Sponge work?

We offer a product called a ‘Tank Sponge' (£20 + VAT).

The Tank Sponge contains super absorbent polymers which remove any water from within the tank. This can reduce the risk of water freezing and sludge build up which can result in system issues.

  • Prevents harmful sludge build-up
  • Reduces maintenance issues
  • Provides on-going protection against future build-up of water.


We recommend that you check your Tank Sponge every month- depending how much water is in your tank depends on when a new one is required.

Boiler Servicing

Explain the importance of an annual Boiler Service

Carrying out an annual service is important for any complex piece of equipment, be it your car or yourself – it’s important to know everything is working safe and well!

Why should you carry out an annual boiler service?

1. Saves you money on fuel

Checking and cleaning the nozzle, baffles, heat exchangers and the quality of the fuel means that your boiler can run efficiently so you burn less fuel.

2. Makes your boiler last longer

A clean and efficient burn reduces the overall load on the boiler which increases its lifetime.

3. Keeps you safe

Carbon monoxide* is formed when boilers do not burn cleanly

Servicing on Mull & Iona

We have a network of OFTEC accredited engineers who are fully trained to diagnose and repair oil fired heating systems in compliance with current regulations.

Appointments for Boiler Servicing on Mull and Iona are Monday-Friday and the ferry charge will be payable.

If any replacement parts are required these will be charged in addition to the service fee of £120 inc VAT.

What to do after the order?

Important things to remember


  • Obtain a mobile number and email address to increase chance of future contact
  • Ensure delivery instructions are comprehensive
  • Our customer service team will contact post delivery to see how it went

Next order date

  • Keep a note of when your customers order so that you can remind them when they should next be ordering
  • The Tank Sponge, Additives and Boiler Services are great products to sell individually, not just with fuel orders


You did it!

Well done!

You have completed your Oil Buying Coordinator training course.

You can access this course at any time if you wish to refresh knowledge in a particular area.

If you have any further questions, please contact [email protected]