Value Propositions v2.0

This course is all about one of the most fundamental tools in the sales professional's toolbox... the Value Proposition.  We'll learn what it is and how we use it.

Value Propositions - An Overview

What is (and is not) a Value Proposition?

Look!  An embedded video.  You know what to do...


What is (and is not) a Value Proposition?

What was the Green City Software salesperson trying to do?  Obviously, he was trying to sell us his software solution but how was he going about it?

He was giving us a sales pitch (among other things).  Do you know how effective sales pitches tend to be?  Well, you saw the video—so you already know the answer:  not very.

The gentleman from HighJump software may not have been perfect but at least he had the right idea.

What is (and is not) a Value Proposition?

Sales Pitch


Value Proposition

So far, so good...

So now you're probably thinking, "Yeah... I get it.  Value Propositions help me get the customer's attention, get the conversation going in the right direction, establish my credibility, and all that.  But how, exactly, do I build one?"

I'm so glad you asked that question...

The Three Key Elements

To effectively build a solid Value Proposition, we need to use three key elements:

It should be noted that getting all three elements into any single Value Proposition is quite difficult.  Mostly, we want to shoot for two out of three.

And now for a little knowledge check:

Match the statement with the appropriate key element of the Value Proposition.
  • 4 out of 5 Sales Trainers think Value Propositions are really neat.
    Quantified Value
  • This will help you tackle your challenge with sustaining growth over the entire fiscal year.
  • We've been helping customers with the same needs as yours for over 25 years

Now let's see if you REALLY get it...

Here is an example of a decent Value Proposition.  The boxed arrows are pointing to specific sections.  Drag each Key Element to it's correct spot.
  • Quantified Value
  • Relevance
  • Quantified Value
  • Differentiation

But of course, I know you have a question...

So we've just examined a pretty solid Value Proposition and you're probably thinking, "Yup.  I'm still with you Mr. Trainer but... well... wasn't that example just a bit long?

You've got a good eye.

Here are some bite-sized versions:

Business Consultant: Our clients grow their business typically by a minimum of 30-50% over the year while cutting costs by 35%.

Marketing Consultant: B2B companies recognized a 61% lower cost per lead and increased their organic traffic and lead conversions by an average magnitude of six-fold in 6 months.

Sales Trainer: I help salespeople crack into corporate accounts, speed up their sales cycle and win big contracts. One of my recent clients won a verbal commitment for $5M in business in just 90 days.

Internet Marketing Company: Our products help people leverage the internet to triple their market reach and cut marketing costs in half when launching new products.

Congratulations!  You made it to the end.

In this module, we learned about the Value Proposition, why it is used and how it is constructed.

In future modules, we'll learn:

  • How to use a specific type called the Personal Value Proposition.
  • Strategies for using Value Propositions on the phone.
  • Using the power of the company brand to enhance our Value Propositions.