Project Management

This is a refresher training course for learners on project management, learners will be reminded on how to start up a project, from justifying its existance, implementation to closing off

Developing a business case

What is a business case

Developing a Business Case

First learners need to understand the purpose of a business case; this way they will understand what needs to be included in it. A business case will help a Project manager or an organization in justifying the need to take on the project. This they would do by stating the benefits of the project and what would happen if they left things as they are. How much will this cost and how much time will it take to complete.

The content of this model will include:

What is a business case?

What is its purpose?

What should be included in a business case?

Executive summery

Justification/business problem



Projected budget

High level plan

  • A document used to justify the business need for the project
  • A document that states project team members tasks
  • A Project plan