VO3- Communication, Timelines, and Completions

This course emphasizes the importance of communication and explains client timelines. There are 2 modules to complete.


1. The Importance of Communication

Aside from phone calls and emails, we rely on photos, checklists, and bids that you submit to satisfy the needs of our clients. We service many different clients within every state in the U.S. and, because each client has their own specific requirements, excellent communication is necessary.

2. Communication  =  Success

Communication is the key to success.

In this fast-paced industry, good communication is critical because it allows us to effectively work together as partners. You will be providing both written and photo documentation of what occurs at properties. Quick and accurate reporting of your findings can prevent a minor issue from becoming a major one. 

3. The Emergency Hotline

Our Emergency Hotline is available so that we may be notified in the event of an emergency at one of the properties that we are servicing and offers assistance to vendors outside of regular business hours. The hotline is available 7 days a week and is manned  from 8 a.m. to 11 p.m. Eastern Standard Time.

After hours (11 p.m. to 8 a.m.), the voice mailbox is checked periodically.

Emergency Hotline: 1-877-339-8202   

4. Good communication is absolutely vital because

  • we service many different clients throughout the entire United States.
  • it allows information to be relayed accurately between the vendor, Cyprexx, and our clients.
  • each of the clients we service have their own unique processes and procedures we must follow.
  • you may work with multiple Cyprexx departments at once that each have different procedures.
(Select the statement(s) that apply.)

(?) Fill in the blanks.

If you are at a property and you need assistance outside of regular business hours, you should call  .


Timelines and Completions

6. Timelines


Aside from the quality of services we provide, our clients evaluate us on our timelines. In other words, we are graded on how quickly we complete the property assignments. An assignment must be reported to us immediately after it is completed so as not to negatively affect our timeline. 

While adhering to TIMELINES, it is imperative that QUALITY is not compromised.  

7. Stopping the Clock


Once we receive an assignment from our clients, the 'clock' has begun ticking.

The only way to 'stop the clock' is to report the completion of the assignment.

8. Timelines

Generally, as an example, an Initial Services assignment, also known as a 'Trash-Out', should be completed within 3 to 5 calendar days.

Completing an assignment in under 3 days is considered Excellent.

We must always keep our client updated as to the status of the job assignment. 

This is another reason why communication is so important.


9. Completions

Completions are to be reported by entering the completion date on your Vendor Dashboard or by using Pruvan (a 3rd party mobile app that is fully integrated with Cyprexx). More information regarding Pruvan will be available in another learning module.

Before reporting the completion of an assignment, you must first:

  • upload required photos
  • complete any required checklists/surveys

9a. Completions


Never report an assignment as complete unless it has been 100% fully completed.

Doing so may result in a penalty being assessed.   

(?) Our clients evaluate Cyprexx Services based on

  • the quality of service our vendors provide.
  • how quickly our vendors are able to complete work assignments.

Multiple Choice: Select the option(s) that apply.

(?) Fill in the blanks.

Before reporting an assignment as 'complete', you must first  and . Always report an assignment as 'complete' .  is the only way to "stop the clock".

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