Fleet Feet Sports


premium massage products that empower anyone to feel better and move more. 


Why can someone benefit from +addaday products? (copy)

Pain- If someone has pain or an existing injury +addaday products can help promote recovery

Performance- If someone wants to perform better +addaday products can help them perform more efficiently

Comfort- If someone would like to feel more comfortable enabling them to feel better and move more

Who can benefit from +addaday massage products?

  • anyone!
  • just a small amount of people
  • hardly anyone

+addaday products & categories (copy)

On the GO!

Hand held

Hand held products like the Uno pictured above become incredible travel companions due to their compact size. 

Compact stick

The Type-C pictured above gives you the leverage of our best stick type products with a very compact length allowing you to stow easily in a backpack. 

Which product below would be easier to take with you ANYWHERE?

Home Convenience


All of +addaday's products merge the power of precise massage and the independence of being able to use the tools by yourself. 


Maximum Impact

What are the three categories of +addaday products?

  • Mean foam rollers, Home Convenience & Maximum Pain inflicted
  • On the GO!, Home convenience & Maximum Impact
  • the stick, $5 massage chairs at the mall & charcoal face masks