Designing multi-platform projects

Learn how to design a multi-platform project that has your audiences needs and interests at its heart.

Discover examples of great multi-projects. See what 'practitioners' and 'theorists' say about transmedia storytelling.

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Consider: Why you want to make a multiplatform project? Transmedia storytelling allows me to...

use more than one platform to engage my audience.
tell parts of a story on different platforms, therefore draw my audience from platform to another.
use more than one platform.
play with how people access my brand.

Learn about your audience. Who are they? Is there more than one audience type? What are their needs and likes? What are their online habits? Test your assumptions and build a project that engages your target audiences.

Consider: Who are your audience? What are their habits?

Consider: How do your audience find your content? Where are they? What draws them to engage in your content?

Consider: How can you test these assumptions?

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Investigate different platforms types. Think about what audiences they are best suited to.


Measure the success rate of your project. How engaged is your audience? How do you build towards a higher retention rate?