TinuCare Day 1

Welcome to the TinuCare tinnitus relief online program.

For the next 5 days we will give you tips, tricks and proven methodes on how to manage your tinnitus related stress and anxiety.

We'll start with giving you an undstanding of what tinnitus is, the 3 main pillars that will support this course + the 4 main types of tinnitus.

At the end of each day you will also have a tinnitus dairy to keep track of your progress.

Take your time to reflect on the lessons of today. Tomorrow you will receive a new link for day 2 of the course.

Good luck!


Tinnitus: an overview


Tinnitus and hearing

Thoughts and emotions

Tinnitus and your environment

The good news

The 3 main pillars for tinnitus relief


Avoid Silence

Change Your State Of Mind



Avoid silence: Action plan


Action plan

4 causes of tinnitus: The basics


Cause 1: Normal tinnitus

Cause 2: Noise Tinnitus

Cause 3: Injury in the auditory system

Cause 4: Somatic tinnitus


Tinnitus dairy

How would you rate your tinnitus today?

How much time today did your tinnitus caused you stress and anxiety?