CF/GL Assessment 4

This will assess your current knowledge base on the CF/GL lines of business. If the question comes with a hint, please select as this is a screen shot that will help assist in answering the question.

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Fill in the blank

If the request was to add $10,000 water sewer, how would the following fields be completed on CICS?

Sewer/Sump Backup

B=Bldg C=Cnts or Cnts/Bldg

What Coverage form would roll on?

If changing the deductible on a CF what screens would you key the change on to update the information?

  • Building Info Screen 1
  • Building Info Screen 2
  • Building Coverage Screen 1
  • Building Coverage Screen 1
  • Building Coverage Screen 2

If changing the property deductible you would typically also update the equipment breakdown deductible on form CF0011.

  • True or False

Match the description with the form

  • Designated Work Exclusion
  • Exclusion- Products/Completed Operations Hazard
  • Additional Insured- Grantor of Franchise
  • Additional Insured-Lessor of Leased Equipment
  • Loss Payable Provision
  • Tentative Rates
  • Policy Changes
  • Business Income Actual Loss Sustained
  • Crime Coverage Form

Match the below CF items

  • 80%, 90%, 100%
    Co Insurance
  • Special Form
    Includes theft
  • Form 1
    Basic Perils
  • Form 2
    Broad Form

Fill in the blank

coverage is added to increase coverage for specified periods of time the limit of insurance for personal property to take of seasonal increases in values.

On a monoline GL for a contractor the physical and mailing address are currently the same. If a request comes in to change the mailing address the physical address would also be changed.

  • True or False

Manually rated EPLI should be referred to the District UW to requote each year with HSB.

  • True or False

If the address of a third party is changing the third party should be added and deleted.

  • True or False

Habitational policies are the only policies you need CG2144 endorsed on.

  • True or False