How to use Uber Rider App?

This course will walk you through on how to use your Uber Rider app.

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Uber Rider App will connect riders to safe, reliable, convenient transportation providers at a variety of price-points in cities around the world. Just tap the app, wait for your driver, hop-in and enjoy the ride!

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First time to use Uber?

First time users are required to sign-up via You need to enter:

1. To set-up your account: email and password

2.  Profile: name, mobile number, language

3. Payment: enter the details of your credit or debit card number

**Plus, add promo code to save some money.

How to download Uber Rider App?

Apple Store for iOS

Devices with iOS 8 and newer are supported.


1. Using your phone, tap the App Store icon and tap Search. 

2. In the search box, type Uber and tap Search. 

3. In the results, tap the Uber icon. 

4. Tap GET to download the app.

Note that you may be required to enter your App Store password. When downloading is complete, GET will change to INSTALL. Tap INSTALL.

Google Play Store for Android

Devices with Android 4.0.3 or newer are supported.


1. On your Android phone, tap the Google Play icon.

2. Tap Search.  

3. In the search box, type Uber. Tap Search. 

4. From the results, tap the Uber icon.

5. Tap INSTALL. 

6. When installed, tap OPEN. 

Steps for the First Time Users

1. Tap the Uber icon

Find the Uber icon to open the app.

Make sure that your Wi-fi or cellular data is ON.

2. Enter your mobile number

For first time users, Uber will require you to enter mobile number. Also, Uber will require you to enable your GPS locator if it is disabled.

Steps for the First Time Users

3. Enter the 4-digit code

The 4-digit code will be sent to your mobile number via SMS.

4. Enter your email address

Enter the email address you use to create your account.

Steps for the First Time Users

5. Enter your password

Enter your password to sign in.

6. Main Screen

Once you sign-in, Uber will direct you to the main screen

Exploring the Navigation Menu

1. Go to the Navigation Menu

Navigation menu icon is located at the upper left side of your screen

2. Navigation Menu

Contents are as follows:

  • Payment
  • Your Trips
  • Free Rides
  • Help
  • Settings

Exploring the Navigation Menu

2.1 Navigation Menu: Payment

Pay cash or use your credit or debit card. 

You can enter additional payment method or use promo/gift code.

2.2 Navigation Menu: Your Trips

This will provide you the summary of your previous trips including the date, time and amount you paid.

Exploring the Navigation Menu

2.3 Navigation Menu: Free Rides

If you want to save on your next ride, give your family and friends a free ride using the invite code indicated on your Free Rides menu.

2.4 Navigation Menu: Help

Through this menu, you can report an issue, review trips & fare and know more information regarding this app.

Exploring the Navigation Menu

2.5 Account Settings

  • Set-up your home and work location by updating your account settings.
  • Calendar Events feature allows you to sync your calendar data on your phone.
  • Add Business Profile to separate work and personal receipts or Add Family Profile to pay for your loved ones and track their rides.

How to request a Ride?

1. Where to?

Set your destination by answering the question.  By starting with typing where you’re going, you’re able to see upfront fare prices and estimated arrival time for every vehicle option. 

Also, as long as your GPS locator is enabled, you can see the number of cars available nearest you.

How to request a Ride?

2. Double check your pickup location

Tap the pin on pickup location to check if the location is correct because sometime the GPS locator doesn't work specially on those areas with bad reception.

For best results, do not always rely on the pin. Type the actual address to help the drive find you.

3. Select what vehicle option you prefer

Use the slider at the bottom of your screen to toggle between available vehicle options. The fares are shown at the bottom of each vehicle option. Compare then select the one you prefer.

If surge is currently in effect at your pickup location app, fare estimate will include surge pricing.

How to request a Ride?

3.1 Vehicle Options (Manila)

uberPOOL –  It’s a low-cost commute wherein you can split the cost of your trip with riders heading your way. Expect to be picked by a rideshare driver in a sedan.

 •uberHOP – Get a ride with a flat rate (around less than P80) to a popular destination in your city. Just walk to a pick-up point to travel along a predetermined route. 

uberX – Affordable option for an everyday trip. 

UberBlack – Ride with style. Expect premium cars and a professional driver heading your way.

4. Request your car

How to request a Ride?

5. Driver's Details

Once you requested a ride, the app will provide you, your driver's ETA. By tapping the driver’s picture, you can see the license plate and the type of car they are driving.

Important:  As you are getting in the car, double check to make sure you got the right car.

How to request a Ride?

6. Other Options:

Fare Split – tap if you want split the fare on the people on you phone’s contact. A notification request will be sent out to accept your split fare. Trip fare is then divided equally among riders who accept and you.

Share My ETA – tap if you want share your ETA to others. It can send a link where others can track your trip progress via GPS.

Cancel Trip – tap if you wish to cancel your trip. However, please take note that there is only a 5 minute charge-free cancellation window.

How to request a Ride?

7. Rate your Driver

Upon arrival, the app will request for a rating. If everything is well, please give your driver a 5-star rating. Every driver works hard to give each passenger a 5-start experience.

New Features: Shortcuts


The new app learns from your ride routines, so where you’re going might already be figured out.

  • Tap the house icon for home
  • Tap brief case icon for work
  • Tap time icon for previous destination

True or False. Uber app can work without a Wi-fi access or cellular data?

  • True
  • False

I just bought an IPhone 7plus phone, where can I download the Uber Rider app?

  • Google Play Store
  • National Bookstore
  • Windows
  • Apple Store

What menu can I use to set my home location?

  • Payment
  • Your Trips
  • Free Rides
  • Help
  • Settings

What menu can I use to report an issue with my trip?

  • Payment
  • Your Trips
  • Free Rides
  • Help
  • Settings

True or False. When a nearby driver accepts your request, your app displays an estimated time of arrival.

  • True
  • False

My mom keeps calling and asking where I am, what option in the app I need to tap to send her my location?

  • Settings
  • Fare Split
  • Help
  • Share My ETA

Where can I get a summary of my previous trips?

  • Payment
  • Your Trips
  • Free Rides
  • Help
  • Settings

True or False. The Uber Rider account cannot be expanded to include a business profile.

  • True
  • False

What will I tap if I want to use the shortcut to my work?

What will I tap if I want to see the details of my driver?