Graduation Project Plan

You will be able to learn how to plan for  a Graduation event project

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Planning for a Graduation Event

Identifying the Role of a Project manager

The project manager is the motor that drives the project from its inception to the end.  The project manager preplans and articulates the objectives and desired outcomes before assembling a project plan.  Listening to the needs of the project owner and identification of critical and non-critical stakeholders helps the project manager to define a clear objective of the project.  In preparing the project plan, project manager must decide who will be the expert team, roles for each team member and deadlines for deliverables.  Once the plan is prepared, the project manager communicates the plan with project owner, project team and other stakeholders.  During the implementation of the project, project manager monitors, supports, incorporates expert feedback and takes corrective actions.  When necessary, it’s vital to network with supply entities to source out materials and manpower to support the project team.  Regular articulation meetings with various team members and stakeholders and project owner can create opportunities for unforeseen cost savings by consolidating spending in bulks and save time preventing project delay.  By setting up control intervals and reporting, project manager tracks continuously the progress of the project quality and budget before it becomes too late.  Finally, upon completion of the project, project manager evaluates the deliverables for cost, quality and time.  Deliverables are provided to project owner on time.  Document and communicate lessons learned for next project, praise project team for hard work, delivering project within time, quality within the scope of work and celebrate for delivery of positive results. 

Planning for a graduation event

what are the components  of Project charter?  Develop a Project Charter for the upcoming event.

Roles of a project manager

what must a project manager to help him define a clear objective for the project plan?

  • listen to the needs of a project owner and identify stakeholders
  • decide on the project outcome
  • meet and discuss with his project team
  • identify stakeholders involvement in the project

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