Records Management 101 Test

A basic introduction to records management policies and best practices at the City of Bellevue; as well as an overview of how to apply the City's retention schedule to your records. This is a two-part course. The second course will be an in-person workshop with your team.

Why Records Management and Why Now?

Who's Who in Whoville: Records Management Division

  • The Records Management Division is in the City Clerk's Office.
  • We are a centralized records management service - so we are here to provide support, answers to questions and provide advice on all records management issues to all departments.
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Records Management vision and goals

Click on the words below to see the Records and Content Management Programs vision and goals...

Records Management in Utilities (why, outcomes, timeline)

Drag and Drop quiz example

  • Barred Rock
  • Buff Orpington
  • Grayson

Text matching question example

  • Public records management is defined and mandated by...
    Washington State RCW's and WAC's
  • Utilities has these goals for this project:
    Becoming super awesome and powerful

multiple choice question example: The following are outcomes that Utilities hopes to achieve with this project:

  • Gaining superpowers that no other department has
  • Being able to respond to PRR's more efficiently
  • Having more centralized records storage both in paper and electronic format
  • Having consistent records management practices amongst all employees
  • Identifying process improvements to improve access to records and appropriate disposition of records

single choice image question example: Which one is crazier?

State Laws and City Policies

RM and PRR RCW's

City policies (We're all records managers now)

Why can't we just keep everything forever?

Why can't I just scan everything and get rid of the paper?

Retention Schedules

What is a retention schedule

How the City's retention schedule was created and customized

How to read the retention schedule

What's Next?

Part two workshop

Specifics of paper records cleanup (timeline for divisions)

Timeline for the rest of the project

Reminder: This doesn't stop once you've done the task - ongoing


website and faq's

project leads and rm contacts