Project manager PRO

In a world where technology is ever evolving why should your project management stand still


When do we evaluate

How to effectively evaluate projects once they are completed based on a project outline as well as expected outcomes this will aid in bringing the project to a successful conclusion. We will take a look at examples of projects that have done exceedingly well and also at projects that have not done so well. We will explore what worked for these projects and what did not work. A summary will be made of this in a SWOT analysis.

  • Evaluation is done constantly throughout the project
  • Once in the beginning and once at the end
  • Evaluation is not done
  • Only on completion of the project

Following up and feedback

Which type of feedback is out of place

Following up will be looked at by means of case studies in which we will explore the correct and incorrect ways to follow up; we will emphasize the correct way of following up to get the desired results at key intervals during the course of the project. We will also emphasize the importance of feedback, when to give what type of feedback whether it is positive and/or constructive feedback. Feedback is a key ingredient when it comes to effectively motivating your team during the course of the project. The feedback that you give at the end of the project is the most important feedback, feedback is given on; overall success of the project how well each team member performed as a group and individually.

  • Constructive feedback
  • Basic feedback
  • Positive Feedback
  • Individual feedback


Reasons for re-planning

These all are factors to take into consideration when it comes re-planning a project, depending on circumstance you will re-plan a project if it is good for a different client or you will re-plan a project for the same client if they are unhappy with your initial plan. This assignment will be done by PowerPoint presentation; this is the best way to represent information to our clients. You will be given an example project that you will have to evaluate, re-plan and then give feedback in terms of the new plan what worked what didn’t work. You will also give feedback on your planning process why you think the project will work and why you think the project won’t work.

  • The client is happy with the project
  • The client is unhappy with the project
  • The project was within budget
  • All criteria was met in the project plan