Talent Selection: Interview Training

This course will take you, the hiring manager, through how we conduct interviews here at EQX.

Before the Interview

Selection Strategy


"Before we get into the interview process, be sure you know what qualifications you're looking for. The job description and the EQX competencies will help you with that. As hiring managers, we first must understand our core competencies to be able to evaluate a candidate on whether they demonstrate them or not."

Understand our core competencies


Evaluate based on these competencies


"As a reminder, these are the EQX core competencies for our level 1/club associates. You might remember seeing these from performance reviews, as these are what we also get evaluated on during annual performance reviews.


CC for Club Associates [or L1/Leading Self]

1 ---

2 ---

3 --- 

4 ---

QUIZ: What do we base our selection strategy on?

  • Equinox Core Competencies
  • Job Qualifications
  • Both of the above

Best Practices: Etiquette & Preparation


"Now that we know our selection strategy, let's take a look at some best practices to make sure we are providing a positive candidate experience before we dive into the structure of an interview."



Voice Over

"Be prepared - know who you are meeting. They know who they're coming in to meet, shouldn't you? Review the resume and application to learn about them on paper and figure out what you might want to learn more about in order to qualify them for the job.



Voice Over

"Be timely - make sure you start your scheduled interview on time. We expect them to be on time, shouldn't you be as well?"



Voice Over

"Be focused - do let your team know you're in a meeting to avoid distractions."



Voice Over

"Establish the right environment for a productive interview. Make sure you have a private, quiet, clean, and tidy office space."



Voice Over

"Be consistent in the way you treat each candidate - giving a positive experience and asking similar questions for the same job. They talk - to us, to each other, on job boards, social media, etc."



Voice Over

"Create a positive experience - we treat leads and members with our superior customer service, we can do the same with our candidates. You never know, just because they may not be who you will be hiring, they can be a current member, a future member, or want to refer others for a job or membership."


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During the Interview

Protected Classes


"Before we dive into the interview structure, let's take a look at protected classes. They are categories of information and individual qualities that are personal in nature. An employer may not base hiring decisions on stereotypes or assumptions about an applicant's protect class. And they are:"

1 2 3 4 5 6





"It's not illegal for them to voluntarily share the information with you - only illegal if you probe and ask about them. Be mindful of this during the whole interview. We will now take a look at the structure of an interview."

Phases of an Interview

PHASE 1     --->    PHASE 2               --->        PHASE 3            --->           PHASE 4

"The interview is broken down into 4 phases. Please note the order, as it is intentional. It is important to get the information you need before you share any information to make efficient use of your time and to not prep the candidate to give you the answers you want to hear."

"We will dive into each phase in just a bit."

QUIZ: What is the order of the phases of an interview?

  • Opening
  • Getting
  • Giving
  • Closing

Phases 1 [format]

Let's take a look at this opening. Make note of what is GOOD and what is BAD in this interaction.

[VIDEO scenario: 2 people greeting and saying hi, my name is ---OK. Sit down, one thanks the other for coming OK. Small talk about lovely office space OK, accent where are you from BAD, friend also from there birthday coming up, no way mine too, turning 30, big year! BAD), that's awesome, thank again for coming in: agenda OK.

QUIZ: Phase 1 Video Question - choose the GOOD.

  • GOOD
  • GOOD
  • GOOD
  • BAD
  • BAD
  • BAD

After the Interview


"After you've interviewed, be sure to complete an evaluation of the candidate by logging into SmartRecruiters and submitting a review."

[Screenshot of SR Scorecard with Competencies]

Decision & Follow Up

YES - move forward and send to the next interviewer or consult with team and prepare to offer the job

NO - reject by sending the SR template email

FUTURE - keep in your pipe until fitting time

ANOTHER POSITION - why? share with appropriate hiring manager


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