Facebook Marketing for Authors

Welcome the the Author’s course for Facebook marketing!


I hope you enjoy the money saving tips and tricks I will teach you that will help you avoid the common mistakes most new authors make. The outline below is a proven system that has helped learn how to make the most of your own marketing plan for your books. Get the word out to mass quantities of people and save a lot of time and frustration.



Stage 1) Learning the basics terms used often in the Indie Author community


Stage 2) What groups are for and why they are an important part in your marketing plan


Stage 3) Personal Facebook pages need to be separate from your Author one and why


Stage 4) How to use pages to your advantage and how to draw people to your page


Stage 5) Event invites and how you can build your fan base and proper edict when doing these events.  


Stage 6) Why offering free things builds up your audience and how you can do it


Stage 7) Hosting your own online event and how to make the most out of it.


Stage 8) Build your inner circle and beware of trolls (Yes there are those out there)


Stage 9) Putting it all together and keeping up with it.


Stage 10) Things to be aware of. How to avoid paying money for things that should be free


Stage 11)  Common tips and tricks to make your life easier on Facebook


Stage 12) Wrapping it all up and building your success



Final Test

What is the Estimated Number of Posts per day you can do without going to FB jail?

  • 10
  • 5
  • 20
  • 15

What Does ARC mean in the Author World?

  • It was what the Noah Built
  • Advanced Reader Copy
  • Authors Reader Club
  • Amazon Rating Club

Untitled fill in the blanks question

The team you need to help promote your work is ______--

During events what is a nice thing to do for the host

  • Offer their book as one of your contest prizes
  • Thank them on a post during the event
  • Mention their book during your time slot

Untitled statement question

  • Type your statement here...
  • Trolls are a real thing in the Author world

Untitled text matching question

  • Define your key...
    Define your answer...
  • HEA
    Happily ever After
  • HFN
    Happy for Now
  • AGC
    Amazon Gift Card
  • YA
    Young Adult
  • Pimping
    Promoting your work

Stage 12) Wrapping it all up and building your success

Untitled content

Through these steps I have shown you how to build yourself on FB. Now I will lead you towards building your team. 

In the book world we start out with our PA'S (Personal Assistant's) Mine is an amazing worker. Now be careful some want the moon and stars for a pay and others just want to help and get free books and goodies. I love my PA and she works her butt off for me. I try each week to give her something and its usually an Amazon GC so she can feed her reading addiction. She is there all the time to proof read, Pimp (Post about my book), and share as much as she can to groups for me each week. She also makes banners and teasers for me which help a great deal. So If you can find a good one you better treat them right.

Once you have found a great PA then you move on to Building your Street Team. This is a group of fans that really like your work. They will help you pimp and promote your work as well. They are also up on all the latest contests, awards, shows and things you really want to be part of. Your PA can often help you build your street team. I have a special FB page just for my street team and are awesome. What I try to do is every new release they receive first to Beta Read it for me and check for any errors of changes I might have to make. I call them my publishing company. They also get free stuff like (Swag) this is things we have made for our book promotions like book marks or pins etc. So they get things sent to them for all their hard word and dedication. After all they are helping you market better than any marketing company could and most are doing it out the kindness of their heart. 

The street team leads to way to Book Bloggers, Tours and other large groups to spread the word as well. So Your PA is your Gatekeeper and your Street Team is your Army. 

This reduces the amount of promoting and pimping if you will on you. This frees you up to write and they will get at you to keep on writing. 


I hope you enjoyed this course in FB marketing for Authors and you take what you have learned and use it to grow your fan base. This is only one media outlet out of many but it is by far the most important. As I use all of them this one is the best for getting sales, making connections and building your fans. 

Stage 10) Things to be aware of. How to avoid paying money for things that should be free

Untitled content

Face Book has changed a lot over the past year causing all of us to land in Face Book jail once or twice. 

1) When Adding groups only do about ten a day. I know the temptation to just keep clicking on them to add. Please don't or else you will get the nasty warning. Don't take it lightly stop and go back tomorrow and add more. I have found that if I add about ten a day it keeps me under the radar.

2) When liking pages also keep it under 10 a day for the same reasons

3) When you are posting to groups make sure you only post to about ten groups a day I have tested these limits and gone back at different times during the day and the most I did was twenty before I received a warning. So I keep it at about ten a day. Don't worry though as you build your fan base your fans will share your posts. Remember to post them on your own Author page and Fan Page daily and ask them to share. This will help spread the wealth and keep you in the good graces of FB.

4) If someone likes or comments on your post than thank them and find something they have posted and repost.

5) Always be careful of the pics and comments you post. As I mentioned before the trolls are everywhere and they will report you. I write a few Erotic books and have to be careful where I post the book covers as they show a little skin and I have been reported. I have also seen people reported for nothing at all so watch out for trolls.  Try to keep it clean if they have nothing to go on it gives you a good defense. 

Stage 9) Putting it all together and keeping up with it.

Untitled content

Now let's take a short look back on what we have gone through so far.

You have a basic knowledge of the lingo we use on Fb so your not left in the dark when someone asks you for a ARC of your book to read for their Reading group.

You have all your groups for the time being picked out for your Romantic love story that you just published to Amazon Kindle. Which means any group you have that has Amazon in the name or Kindle or KDP is where you want to post this right? So let's say you have five groups picked for each day to promote your book to daily. So that give you a total of 35 groups for a seven day period reaching millions depending on the member count. 

You have your posts set up in word to copy and past to each group with a pic of your book cover the link to the book and ways to contact you. IE: Your fan page link as well.

You know all the rules for each page your posting and are ready to share others posts as well to gain more friends and thank you from fellow authors.

So once you finished the week of posting you can also set these up with web sites such as Crowdfire.com and hootesuite.com these two sites let you schedule your posts up to a month in advance so you can literally set and forget it. Then set a reminder on your phone a week before you month runs out to redo it. This is a huge time saver for you.

I will spend one Sunday a month setting up all my scheduled posts for FB, Twitter,Instagram, pinterest, LinkedID and many other social media sites. Then this leaves me plenty of time to work on my writing or other tasks I need to complete.

Now take a look at all the invites you have received and compare to invites and those attending and which authors are going to be participating. Then decide which ones you would like to attend. I try to find one a month and stick to it. Sometimes if it is for a close friend I make an exception. Then make up your postings on a word document that you will use for that event and copy and paste as you go. I have a picture folder marked just for events. I also have a special folder for games for events. So set them to your desktop for easy access. 

Work into your budget each month how many copies of your book you can give away that month and what other prizes you can afford for events. Things like a $5.00 amazon GC, the hosting Authors book $2.99 or an E-book up to $2.99 and budget this all in. 

My Budget would be $20. for the month which is pennies compared to what a marketing campaign would of cost you for the same publicity. 

Then I divide it up. 

My Ebook cost $0.99 each right now I am enrolled in one event this month and will give away (1) ebook during that event

I will give away (1) AGC (Amazon Gift Card) during the event for a contest worth $5.00

Will give away (1) Host Author Books up to $3.00

So now I have the event complete within my budget for the month and my total right now is $8.99 round it up to $9.00 so I still have $11.00 left of my budget for the month so here is what I do.

Week (1) on my fan page offer a contest for the most shares of your FB fan page a free copy of your book or an E-book of their choice up to $0.99

Week (2) on my FB fan Page show me a copy of the receipt for my book and it can be a screen shot share it to as many as you can. A random winner will be picked at the end of the week and will win an E-book of their Choice up to $2.00

Week (3) Post on your FB fan page the same thing you would post in a group about your book. Now hold a contest for the most share to win a $5.00 AGC winner picked on Friday 

Week (4) The fan with the most shares of my book will win a $3.00 AGC and be placed in our quarterly contest for a Signed PB copy of my Book.

As you can see this is a budget for the whole month. It keeps people engaged in your page and also sharing it to others. They will always check pack to see what new contest or prizes you have in store. 

your total budget is $10.99 still under budget after the whole month.

Plus the bonus is you attended events and your name is out there and building a fan base.


Stage 8) Build your inner circle and beware of trolls (Yes there are those out there)

Untitled content

You will hear the word Troll out there more than any of us would like so you should learn about it early on. 

This is a term we use for people who come out to destroy just about any Author. The post negative reviews and the reason is their Authors want to be on top. Some of these trolls are paid to go out and troll the book groups and sites like Amazon and Goodreads and leave nasty reviews so your Title drops down. Is it Ethical? No of course not but that doesn't mean it does not happen. Sad to say it continues to happen.

The other places they look for us is on the FB groups and start making nasty comments. My Advice to you is remain positive. Focus on your fan base and rewards their amazing tasks. Always comment on the positive aspects and never give feedback to the trolls. I ignore them and eventually they move on to someone else. 

Most of the time you can spot these people a mile away with all the negative comments. They will try to get you to side with them about so and so author even going so far as to private message you. Be very careful what you say in messenger as I have seen them screen shot it. 

All I can say from one outspoken person to the next is yes it goes against everything in me to just not say anything. However in the end I have a true group of fans and friends that back me no matter what. Sometimes they even go to bat for me. You show your professionalism by focusing on the positive and people will only stay with the drama for so long. 

So if you take away anything from this lesson remember to use humor, manners and positive reinforcement and it will grow your network to epic levels. 


Stage 7) Hosting your own online event and how to make the most out of it.

Untitled content

After you  have been part of a few online events and feel comfortable you can host your own event. 

Once you have a good reputation with others than they will be more than happy to help you out. After all you were so polite and nice during their event they would be more than happy to return the favor. 

The easiest way is to create your event and invite everyone from other events you attended as well as the fans.

Make sure you set aside the date and the times ahead so you know. One word of advice to you is to make sure you have time available for the whole event. Sometimes life happens and people who said they could attend either forget or something comes up.

I always set up  and event and also message reminders right up to an hour before the event. However things could still happen so you want to make sure yo can fill in ass needed. 

So let's say you have a four hour event and book out people for 1/2 hour slots. Some will ask if they can have a full hour and that is fine if you have the time open either add an extra 1/2 hour or just leave it the way it is an give them (2) 1/2 hour slots. 

As the host you start with you and all your introductions then run your half hour like you would any other event. Then when it's time for the next Author you introduce them and welcome them. This goes on during the whole event and sometimes the previous Author will introduce the next to give you a break. Discuss this with them before hand a lot of them will do it no problem. A good rule of thumb is if you don't see the next Author on within five minutes message them and if they don't respond take over their slot. If they come on late offer then a later time if you have one. 

At the end thank everyone for coming and make sure you have them all end their contests before the night is over as well as your own. 

Also remember to respond to other Authors posts as well a common thing to do is when they post a Contest I always post like this

"I am not entering the contest just answering for fun" this way it gets others involved and also let's the fans know you are not trying to win their prizes. I think this is good form not everyone follows these rules though and you will know quickly who they are. The fans get upset by this and will often times not enter so make sure you make it about the fans. The more you show the love the more they show their dedication.

Section 6 Why offering free things builds up your audience

Untitled content

Building a fan base takes time. If you don't have a lot of time to work on this than here are some tips to get you started.

1) Offer your book for free for a limited time. I often do this with a new release for about a week.

2) Join contests and submit a free E-copy of your book (This is the cheapest way to do it)

3) Review for review. There are a lot of people looking for reviews as well as yourself. Find those who are looking for reviews and offer to read their's if they read yours. 

Going back to 1) When I first publish my book no matter if it's in Smashwords, Draft2digital or Amazon I always offer it free for the first few weeks. 

Why do you ask? Simple to get the word out. You can't but the type of publicity this offers you. 

So let's say you are in your groups and you post to ten of them daily for a week. Now offer your book free with a coupon. That is an amazing amount of readers who will take you up on that offer. So let's say sally from KDP group of 10,000 is part of a bloggers group and reads it for free. When she is done she is so excited about this book she tells everyone on the blog group well because they trust her opinion it goes from there. See how the butterfly effect works. That is some amazing free advertising. She will post it to her FB, then her blog and it goes from there. 

2) Sometimes people will ask you to donate an item for a fundraiser of an event even if you can't be part of it. I say go for it again there are numerous people who will see that you donated and word is getting out and your name is being promoted everywhere these events are advertised. So for the cost of one your books to gift you again get a good amount of free advertising. 

3) Review for Review is a given after all you can write the next best seller but without reviews it will just sit there. So when if you like to read like I do then go for it. This will help build your review base and you need those to move up the list on the sites like Amazon. 


Stage 5) Learn about FB events and how they can help you

Untitled content

Facebook events are often all over FB. It's up to you to decide which ones might help your cause.

1) Who is the invite from?

2) What type of event is it

3) What is the cost of this promotion

4) Does this benefit you

5) Proper usage of these events


First when you join certain groups and become acclimated to people in these groups you will notice an increase on invites to events. 

My biggest advice to you is there are so many free events that you don't need to pay for attending. Some people make big money off of these events for the sole purpose of Making money. SO choose wisely. I have seen the same outcomes for Authors that have paid and those who attended free ones. 

First Take a look at how many invites have been sent and how many have accepted. Also What Authors have been invited? This is key if there are bigger Authors than it is usually a greater attendance of fans which in turn gets your name out there more. 

Second: What is your requirements in this event. Take note of the time Slots. Some times they will have you in for a half hour and I have seen people in for four hour stretches. Just remember once you commit stay with it. 

I always recommend to book yourself for a half hour slot until you get the hang of it. Believe me that half hour goes by fast.

Prepare ahead of time: What I mean by this is you will have things to post during this event and have very little time to do it so have everything lined up in a folder for the event for easy access. This also gives you more time to respond to what people are asking. 

Always stay involved in your time as well as others it shows good form.

For Example: Let's say I am inviting you to a Half hour slot for our Fourth Or July weekend Book event. 

I as the host would of already posted times for people and they would PM me the times they would like. 

Then I would put their names in those slots. 

So during these events I would have at least four things to post if not five during a half hour event. 

Let's say my new Book Scorch is the one I want to promote. 

I would have a teaser of the book ready for one post kind of like a meme pic then all the ways you can buy the book. 

So a pic of the book cover plus this would be under it

FB Likes page: on.fb.me/1QSPEte

Twitter: https://twitter.com/LPLindeman7

FB Author page: on.fb.me/1G1vAil

Amazon US: amzn.to/1QSB5pC

Amazon UK: amzn.to/1IqZaUc

As you can see I have included many ways to reach me. So it's a plug within a plug.

Then I would add my next post as a contest to win a prize they all love to win prizes and look forward to them. 

Now My advice on this is to start off with 1 event a month to build your audience

During this event for a Half hour segment. 

I would have two of three Contest things.

You can find little contest memes on line to use and put them in a folder marked games. Some are silly like Use the first letter or your first name, Name your favorite color, and name a town out west. This will be your ELF name. See silly yet fun then you can say something like this

Contest #1 for a chance of an Amazon GC (Gift Card) Worth $5.00 I will pick a random winner from Random.org at the close of this contest which ends at midnight tonight.

You will see a bunch of people sign up for this because #1 everyone who is a reader loves to get Amazon gift cards so they can buy books.

Then you can do another about you post such as here is my Newsletter sign up please sign up so you don't miss out on the latest updates. 

Then some where in there add another Contest. 

Contest #2 for an E-book Copy of my book

Then add a game or a mission they need to accomplish. An Example I use for the person with the most shares of this post of my book they will win a free copy. You will how many people will share you book all over FB. This is a good way to get Advertising and all it cost you was a ebook copy of your book. You could of spent hundreds of dollars in advertising trying to get those results. 

What I like to do with every event I am invited to is offer as one contest a Free E-Book copy of the Hosts book if they share my info as well. See what I did there?

So let's say Jessica. Bolduc is hosting an event I would go to her page and see what books she has written and Make a copy of the book info and put it in my event folder. 

Then when it was time I would post it as a contest and make sure you put her name in the post so she see's it. Then for them to compete in the contest I put that they have to go like my FB fan Page. So now I have been good to my host and this in turns will surely get me a repeat Invite for her next event. Plus I helped her with a sale by buying her book to give to someone as a gift. Usually I limit these to up to $3.99. Then By boasting my Fan Page I get increased likes and awareness. 

Now the added benefit to all of this is that other Authors, Bloggers and readers are all seeing this and don't think for one minute your not going to have major invites over this. To me it makes smart business sense to share the wealth. 

Make sure you talk to your fans. If they pose questions or responses to any of your posts even the contests make sure you respond even if it's just a smiley face. 

Now the most important factor in all of this is to be polite. 

On your last post before your time is up make sure you thank your host as well as everyone else for all their kinds words. 


Also : If some people try to get nasty or say rude things than always take the higher ground and be polite. If they write and said they hated your book. My usual response to something that is negative I always say well I understand my books are not for everyone but I do Appreciate the time you took out of your life and read it. Please let me know what I could do to improve my future work. This usually shuts them down and it also lets your audience and others see that you took the higher ground and are not out looking for a fight.  



Stage 4) How to use pages to send people to your page

Untitled content

When you create your page.

Let's say you have a good fan following for one of your books or even one of the characters in your book. Make a page for them on your FB account. Remember on your Author account. 

When you share your page you will get likes from friends and followers. A good rule of thumb is to go to their page and like it as well. Then when you do that it shows on your timeline. More often than not their friends will see it and invite you to like other pages and they in turn will like yours as well. 

Another really good way to get more likes is when you are doing an Online event (Which we will get into later) make one of the requirements to go like your page. 

Can you see how this is all leading to getting your name out there.

The more likes the more people are aware of your name and product. 


People will remember your name because they had seen it many times through other pages. Curiosity wins out with this because no one wants to be left out of a good thing. 

So more often than not they will go see what your all about. 


Section 3 Why your FaceBook Author Page and Your personal Page needs to be separate.

We see it ll the time when people creep on our personal pages. So make sure if you are using your personal FB to make sure you have a separate one for your Author stuff. Set all your privacy setting accordingly.

Trolls as I have mentioned are everywhere. Some folks will post nasty stuff on your personal page and we can't monitor it at all times so they easiest way is to lock it down. Only allow people you know on your personal FB.

Your Author FB page also may have content you don't want co-workers,family and friends to know about so make sure you keep it safe. For instance there have been times in the past someone will send you a PM and you may have people around you only to open the thing and it is an inappropriate message. 

A good rule of thumb is when you get a new friend request to always check on their profile before you accept. Things to look for

1) When did they joined FB

2) How many friends do they have

3) how many pics do they have posted. 

You will see people with only 1 friend, no pics posted or only joined this month. Do not accept these are what we call trolls. 

Another way when you build a good audience is to see how many friends you have in common. Like my page if we don't at least have 200 friends in common I don't accept. This is strictly Because I have been the victim of to many trolls. They copy all your information and make a different facebook with all your stuff and your friends think it's you. 


Stage 2 Why FaceBook Groups are important

FB groups are an important part of your marketing online. If you learn nothing else than please remember this one key piece. Read the pinned posts. Each group has one and become familiar with them. They set the rules for their group.

First let's break down the most important aspects of your writing.

Is your work Fiction or Non-Fiction?

What Genre are you writing in?

For example are you writing Sci-Fi, Romance, erotica, Young Adult (YA) Etc

Or Are you writing Self help books on things like how to lose weight, Better organize your life or how to make money on line. These are referred to as Niches. These would be in the Non-Fiction category. 

The reason why this is so important is because many people have made the mistake of posting an Erotic Novel in a YA group and were quickly kicked out and bashed because of it. 

While picking your groups on FB make sure you know your audience as well as their rules. 

Some examples of groups are 


This group currently has over 323,000 members and reaches a large audience. 

this is their description on their page: 


Reach millions: Post free Ads :http://creativedesignerswriters.com/

Promote books, articles, paintings, artworks & business.
Create company profile and fan pages.



Buy, Sell, Trade

they do not have a pinned post at this time.  They also have a web site in which you can promote your book as well at this link : http://creativedesignerswriters.com/

Most of the time I tell everyone unless it is posted to only post your book 1x weekly to avoid getting kicked off the group for over promoting. Also a rule of thumb is to always try to repost others posts as well to share the wealth. 

A good rule of thumb is to organize your Groups in a journal so you know 

1) Which one has the most members

2) To keep track of what days you post on which ones.

3) Let's you also know which ones give you the greatest feedback. Such as other people posting your book, Shares from others, Comments and such these help you build your audience. 

Now be careful with posting to groups on FB if you do it to fast you will be blocked for days. Sometimes you get put in what we call FB jail. So space out your posts and limit them to about ten a day. I say this because once you have a good solid foundation of fans this number will increase. 

I have enclosed a list of some of the Groups I use often.

Writer and Authors and Readers unite and rejoice

10,558 members

Pimping Indie

8,809 members

Kindle/Book Club

14,542 members

Pimp Your Books

12,503 members


7,594 members


14,822 members

Author Promo and Book Sales Group

18,276 members

Amazon Kindle Goodreads

25,223 members

EBooks on the go

11,426 members

The Kindle Hub

15,566 members

Band of Dystopian Authors and Fans

3,599 members

Kindle Unlimited

5,060 members

Smoove Reads Book Promotions

2,802 members

Book Heaven

8,621 members

Everything Books

13,660 members

Kindle Author Book Promotions

113,650 members

Book events and promotions II

2,496 members

Kindle Unlimited UNCHAINED!!!

20,768 members

Authors & Writers Publicity

14,512 members

Unlimited Kindle Reads

5,962 members

Promote Your Books!

12,567 members

Paranormal, Romance, and Fantasy Books

3,705 members

All Indies, All The Time (Books Only)

8,290 members

BTS Promotions - Mystery & Thriller Authors & Readers

2,633 members

Writers posts for readers

5,711 members

CBLS Promotions

1,124 members

A Quietstorm Erotica Book Promotions

885 members

Favorite Books

812 members

Jean Book Nerd

2,116 members

Adult / Erotic Fiction Publicity and Book Club

8,555 members

Indie Authors: Pimping & Promoting

3,169 members

Creative Designers and Writers

323,225 members



Stage 1) Learning the basics terms used often in the Indie Author community

Often times you find yourself scratching your head at some of the terms you see in many bloggers sites, FB group pages etc. Here is a list of common used phrases and acronyms we use.

Arc- Advanced Readers Copy

Epub- Electronic Publishing 

KDP- Kindle Publishing direct 

HEA- Happily Ever After

HFN- Happy for now

Arc Tours- When you sendout your Advance Readers copies for a tour so to speak 

Blog Tour- When you join a blog and jump in on a tour virtually that is. You book and name get out there. 

Street Teams
Street Teams are groups of bloggers/readers who help authors spread the word/promote their upcoming releases! All street teams tend to work differently- some you have to apply to in order to join, and others are open to anyone.

GC- Gift Card referring to a contest you might of had and put the prize as GC

POV- Point of View

M/M- Two males

M/F/M- Two males and one female

F/F- two females

PB- Paperback

HC- Hard Cover

RT- Retweet

DM- Direct Message

TOC- Table of Contents

These are just a few of them that are the most common