Practice AI - Assessment

Completing assignments at university requires understanding what academic integrity means...

Choose the most appropriate answer in each scenario (copy)

At work...

You're at work and your team needs to complete a report for the boss.  You let someone else do all the work because that's what you do at university.

  • This is not cool, at work and at uni you should be contributing a fair share.
  • That's okay, if they wanted you to work harder they would tell you
  • As long as the boss doesn't say anything then its fine

Using images...

I am allowed to use images from the internet for my assignments.

  • No, you must seek permission first.
  • No, this is not allowed.
  • Yes, because as a student I can rely on 'fair dealing for research or study'

Using websites...

In an assignment, if you copy material from a website that doesn't have an author, you don't need to reference it.

  • Yes you can do that because there's no author
  • You never have to reference websites
  • That's plagiarism and not okay!