At Wendy's Washateria, each of the industrial washing machines _________ so forcefully during the spin cycle that new patrons dash outside, convinced that an earthquake is shaking the building.

  • rocks
  • rock
  • rocked
  • will rock


At Wendy's Washateria, all of the dryers _________ six quarters before spinning wet clothes dry.

  • gobbles
  • gobble
  • gobbled
  • will gobble


The good jewelry Dad gave Sara for graduation __________ more than the cheap leather wallet that David got as his reward for finishing high school.

  • costs
  • cost
  • will cost
  • had cost


Physics __________ proven to be Jerry's easiest subject this semester. He brings Carol, the lab assistant, an oatmeal-raisin cookie, and, as his reward, she finishes his report.

  • has
  • have
  • had
  • will have


These scissors __________ so dull that I'm not sure you could slice butter with them!

  • is
  • are
  • has been
  • had been


Someone—perhaps Emmanuel or Paul—__________ the right wine to serve with earthworm lasagna

  • knew
  • will know
  • knows
  • know


Asteroids and comets slamming into Earth __________ Marge; she tries to remain under the protective cover of her roof as much as possible.

  • worries
  • worry
  • worried
  • used to worry


Agnes never loses a single possession. Everyone knows what belongs to her, for each pen, pencil, and paperclip __________ a tiny flag attached with Agnes' full name on it.

  • will have
  • has
  • have
  • had


One hundred and fifty gallons __________ the amount of liquid the average living room rug can absorb. Rachel discovered this fact after taking a long shower when the curtain wasn't tucked inside the tub.

  • is
  • are
  • was
  • were


Neither of those sharks circling your boogie board __________ hungry enough to bite.

  • looks
  • look
  • looked
  • has looked


Where __________ the earrings that I left by the bathroom sink? Oh no! That stupid cat has swatted them down the drain again!

  • was
  • were
  • is
  • are


The dead trees and peeling paint, along with the broken windows and flapping shutters, __________ everyone believe that evil spirits haunt the deserted Sinclair house.

  • made
  • has made
  • makes
  • make