Project Manager Development

This course is designed to develop new Project managers. No experience is needed as it starts from a basic level. The learner will be taken through the levels needed to become a qualified Project manager in their own time and at their own pace.

: Create the life-cycle of the project and establish critical checkpoints

: Work procedures

  1. How to write procedures.
  2. Levels of procedures

Application of procedures

What can a user expect in the introduction?

Operations procedure manuals are not only applicable to a department but the company as whole.

1. Plan and design and outline of the SOP (Standard operating procedures) being created. Write a list of every task of that is being performed related to your department. All must be covered in your manual.

2. Your introduction must be clear to the user. A description what the user can expect from beginning to end and also a reference guide must be included.

3. Start with your first most important task or in order of work demand, one at a time. Create your task outline.

4. In the outline the tasks which are being performed are written together with details of every task performed.

5. Every step in your outline must be understandable and clear to the user so that they can follow without assistance.

4. After these steps are completed they need to be checked by someone not familiar and assess whether they instructions are understood. Listen to feedback objectively. If any step is unclear, redo.

5. Use the feedback to fine-tune (rewrite, edit) your steps in the process if needed.

6. Take the next task and write as in steps 3-5 until all are completed.

7. Now you are ready to combine the completed manual into a binder or an electronic file together with a cover page indicating the content of the SOP.

8. Make copies and distribute to the necessary staff and encourage them to give feedback on changes and updates.

  • List of the content what the user can expect
  • Reference guide the user can follow up on.
  • The outline of tasks the user can expect.
  • Description of the content the user can expect

Apply a number of project tools and techniques.

1. Identifying and explaining purpose of required tools for the project

Define the project clearly.

Specification breakdown.2. requirements of the project3. Limitations of the project

: Planning the cost

  1. Cost of payroll
  2. Cost of materials

 Draw up a budget

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