Valuable Project Management for event planners

Valuable project management for event planners is a 3 month online programme designed to equip event planners with the knowledge required to successful manage their events. The course is designed to provide step-by-step learning through various methods that will facilitate practical learning. The programme is divided into 2 modules with 6 learning outcomes that are easy to follow and achieve. Having complete the course each event planner will be equipped with tools, techniques and resources to plan, execute and evaluate better events. 

The value of feedback

During what stage of an event should feedback be gathered?

The value of feedback on a project can be described in (2) key points:

1)It enables the team to reflect on the individual and team performance in a structured approach.

2)It adds value to the project management of future events.

The process to manage and record the above 2 key points is through the use of status reports during the milestones of the project or event. If a project has 3 milestones, then 2 status meetings will be held to discuss and record the following:

  • Obtain a project update for progress against time.
  • Obtain a project update for progress against budget.
  • Note any delays and reasons for delays.
  • Note any successes and the reason for the successes.

The above will then be consolidated into one summary that can be used on the next event. An outline is as follows:

EVAP (Event value adding propositions) document

Project / Event name:


Event planner name:


Completion date of the event:




Root cause

Action plan















Other comments/suggestions  for future projects:

During monthly meetings the event planners can then share their above “EVAP” documents to foster a learning organization within the events companies. The above documents will also be retained by the training manager to ensure that any trends identified within the root causes can be addressed through training or other mechanisms

  • Milestones
  • At the beginning
  • At the end
  • Feedback should not be gathered