Day 1 Assessment

This test is designed to gauge how much you learned during today's training.

Please note that you may refer to your tools, notes, training materials etc. to complete this assessment. HOWEVER you are NOT allowed to speak to other test takers or send them instant messages to get the answer. Please make sure that your phone is in your pocket or put away somewhere while taking the assessment.


What is CDI University?

  • The site to access and complete Corporate Compliance Training
  • A site with free courses, videos, modules and skills briefs
  • A site that lists all of universities CDI employees have attended

Does CDI offer a candidate referral bonus?

  • Yes
  • N0

How many clients does CDI serve in Cross Lanes?

  • 2
  • 1
  • 3
  • 7
  • 6
  • 4

Who is your Team Lead?

  • Jessica Clements
  • Daniel Pekins
  • Joe Louther
  • Amy Deal
  • Josh Uhlenkamp
  • Whitney Lour

Which days can you wear tennis shoes?

  • Wednesday
  • Thursday
  • Monday
  • Sunday
  • Friday
  • Tuesday
  • Saturday

Streaming music or videos is permitted on my work computer if I'm not busy...

  • True
  • False

How you should notify leadership if you're going to be tardy, absent, etc.?

  • Attendance Line
  • E-mail
  • Leave a voicemail on their work or cell phone
  • Text Message

Check the 3 expectations that were listed in "analyst expectations"

  • Monitor and update your tickets on a regular basis
  • Update tickets only when your Team Lead tells you to
  • Arrive at work on time, ready to work. Stay until the end of your shift
  • Keep calls as short as possible
  • Use proper phone etiquette when placing a caller on hold, mute, or transferring them
  • If you don't know the answer or how to help, look for the answer until you find it

What should you do if you need to place a caller on hold?

  • Just put them on hold
  • Let them know why you have to put them on hold and an estimate for how long they will be on hold
  • You never place a caller on hold
  • Tell the caller it's required that they be on hold and you can't do anything about it

If you place a caller on hold, how often should you check in with them?

  • Every 30-60 seconds
  • It's not necessary
  • When you've solved the issue
  • Every 2 minutes

Match each task to the appropriate system.

  • Store user names and passwords
  • Ticketing system
  • View work schedule
    Workforce Management
  • Phone agent system
    Cisco Finesse

How do you demonstrate interest and positivity to a caller?

  • Make small talk while working through the process
  • They know you're interested because you greeted them on the phone
  • Acknowledge their situation and let them know you're here to help
  • Try to help but let them know you don't think you can
  • Ask targeted questions
  • Don't ask too many questions, let them tell you what they want you to know

What are the best ways to control a call?

  • Be firm and rude if you need to
  • Control the tone of your voice
  • Avoid being negative
  • Hang up
  • Display interest