Week 2 Assessment

Welcome to the week 2 assessment. You must get a score of 85% or more to proceed to the next Course.

Multiple Choice

What are the four milestones of the Implementation Process in Zendesk?

  • Onboarding, UDX Configuration, Install, Follow Up
  • Onboarding, POS Configuration, Install, Follow Up
  • UDX Configuration, POS Configuration, Install, Follow Up
  • Onboaring, UDX Configuration, POS Configuration, Install

What pieces of information, gathered from our decryption partner, are used to create a Credit payment method?

  • Approval Code
  • Expiration Date
  • Card Number
  • Card Holder Name
  • Security Code
  • All of the Above
  • None of the Above
Please select all that apply.

True or False?

  • You get a static IP address on the RAIL in Rail Status.
  • EMV stands for electronic money validation.

What is the name of our Decryption partner?

is the name of our Decryption partner. 

Text Matching

Match the following Terms

  • Lab
    A controlled, test environment operated by a Channel Partner or Restaurant Group
  • Pilot
    A controlled live environment operated by a Restaurant Group
  • Production
    A live, production ready environment operated by a Restaurant Group
  • TableSafe Data Center
    The central location for all business logic applications and storage of information collected by the TableSafe System
  • POS.Host
    Communication bridge for RAIL to match up with what's done in the POS
  • Point of Sale
    The restaurant-specific software used for order entry and back office operations
  • Magnetic Stripe Reader
    A hardware device that reads the information encoded in the magnetic stripe located on the back of a card
  • EMV
    Technical standard for smart payment cards and terminals that store their data on integrated circuits rather than magnetic stripes; often called “chip-and-PIN” or “chip-and-signature” cards
  • CreditCall
    Payment Processor the RAIL sends transactions to to get payment approval
  • Back of House
    The restaurant's server machine that hosts POS back-office software and TableSafe software
  • Front of House
    Customer seating and serving area. POS terminals here are used for order input and changes, applying discounts, etc.

Text Ranking

Please put the following actions in order.

  • Ticket Information is Sent to RAIL
  • Encrypted Payment Packet sent from RAIL to TDC
  • Encrypted Payment Packet from TDC to Gateway
  • Decryption of Payment Packet
  • Sent to Processor for Approval
  • Approval Information Sent to Payment Gateway
  • Authorization and Approval Codes and Reference Number
  • Authorization and Approval Codes Sent to TDC
  • Success Message and Status Codes Sent to RAIL
  • Authorization and Approval Codes Sent to POS


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