Retail Bonus FIT Partner Training - Questions Only

At the end of this module Urth Energy Solar Partners will understand the Urth Energy Bonus Feed In Tariff Scheme and be able to explain this scheme to potential customers

Bonus Feed in Tariff Program T&Cs Questions

  • Customer receives 20c per kWh for energy sold back to the grid up to 25% of standard generation calculated by the Clean Energy Council
  • Customer receives 15c per kWh for additional energy sold back to the grid above the 25% cap
  • Contracts are for 18 months
  • No early termination fee
  • Cooling off period is 15 days after they receive the welcome pack
  • There is a $25 set up fee for Urth Energy to become the customers retailer
  • The bonus feed in tariff is reduced by half for that specific bill if the invoice is more than 60 days late
  • There is only one energy distributor in NSW
  • All customers receive a 10% pay on time discount
  • All customers receive a 10% pay on time discount
Select which questions you are think are true or false by sliding the bar across to reveal either true or false

Terms and Conditions/Code of conduct Questions

Match the answer to the question
  • The electricity bill is paid
    either monthly or quarterly depending on if they are a commercial or residential customer
  • The quarterly or monthly bill can be paid
    by direct deposit, direct debit, credit card or BPay
  • Customer will know they have been paid their bonus feed in tariff
    as it will be credit on their electricity account
  • If customer breaks their contract
    there are no disconnection fees
  • Violation of the marketing code of conduct
    could lead to fines and penalties
  • You must inform the customer
    of their right to a cooling off period
  • If the customer asks you to leave
    you must do so and not contact them for another 20 days

Customer Sign up process

  • Step 1
    Customer agrees to change electricity retailer
  • Step 2
    Provide customer with an Energy price Fact sheet & select correct Customer Transfer form for area / type of customer
  • Step 3
    Customer either completes Transfer paperwork or calls head office for a recorded transfer
  • Step 4
    Solar partner forwards paperwork to Urth Energy
  • Step 5
    Urth Energy then sends customer a Welcome pack in which they then commence a 10 day cooling off period
  • Step 6
    Urth Energy gives customer a verification call
  • Step 7
    After 10 day cooling off period, Customer is entered in MSATS and reading will occur on their next meter read cycle
  • Step 8
    Customer then receives a final bill from their current provider and will commence with Urth Energy