Total Quality Management Training - Flow Charts

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Total Quality Management Training

Learning Objectives:

In this e-learning module you will learn what total quality management is and about flowcharts. Flowcharts are one of statistical tools used in total quality management training.

What is Total Quality Management?

"A systematic process of continual improvement of the quality of an organization’s products and services"(Saks, A. M., & Haccoun, R. R. Managing performance through training and development, 7th ed, 2015).

Video: Total Quality Management

Please click on the link to watch a video and learn more about Total Quality Management

What is Total Quality Management Training?

“Training programs that involve team training and training in the use of statistical tools that are used for problem solving and decision making processes” (Saks, A. M., & Haccoun, R. R. Managing performance through training and development, 7th ed, 2015)

Statistical Methods

There are many different forms of statistical tools used in total quality management. These statistical tools help visually display important data into various graphs and charts. This helps clearly point to how and where effort needs to be distributed in order to retain or increase quality performance. For the purpose of this lesson we will only focus on one of several different statistical methods, Flowcharts charts.


What is a Flow Chart?

A flowchart is a graphic representation of a process, sequence, organization chart or work flow. Flow charts use boxes, arrows, diamonds and other shapes to help illustrate key points and its directional flow. The purpose of a flow chart is to allow for easily accessible explanation of various processes that do not require specifics on language terminology, and creates a common understand grounded is visuals. 

Here is an  example of simple Flow Charts.

Here is an example of a complex Flow Chart?


  • Total Quality Management uses statistical tools.
  • Flow Charts use mainly numbers to create a common language.
  • Total quality management is a systematic process.


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