Test: PMP® Baseline

The purpose of the PMP® Baseline Test is to give you a good idea of how familiar you are with the Project Management Body of Knowledge (PMBOK) as you prepare to begin the PMP® Boot Camp course. Don't worry if you do poorly...you should not expect to know all of this yet; you need to attend our PMP® Boot Camp training!

The PMP® Exam consists of 200 questions in a 4-hour time limit, or an average of 72 seconds per question. This Baseline Test is based on that timing, so 30 minutes have been allotted to answer the 25 questions.

You may take this test as many times as you want. 

At the completion of this test, you will be able to assess and understand your beginning level of proficiency with the knowledge required to pass the PMP® Exam.

If a team member is not performing well within a matrix organization, what is the first step the team member's PM should take to address the situation?

Which of the following is the most important attribute or function of the project charter?

You are the PM on a cable installation project that is similar to a project your company did 2 years ago for the same customer. The previous project was very successful, and the current project is on track for both time and budget.

What does the numbering system on a work package indicate?

Which of the following best describes the PMs role as an integrator?

You are taking over a project during planning and discover that 6 individuals have signed the project charter. Which of the following should most concern you?

Which of the following activities is not performed in scope management?

Your painting foreman has just given you three estimates on how long it will take to paint the exterior of the new office building being built by your project. He tells you that the best case is 12 days, the worst case is 21 days,

but realistically you can expect 15 days. What estimate will you use on your schedule?

Using the table below and assuming every day is a work day, in how many days will this project be completed?

Which of the following is the best definition of quality?

What is progressive elaboration?

Which is true about the Hierarchy of Needs theory?

You are a PM with a team of 10 people, 2 customer representatives and 1 senior manager. A scope change request is approved that increases your project team by 30%. How many additional communication channels exist after the scope change?

What is the correct sequence?

In which organization is the PM the weakest?

What would not be a potential outcome of failure to properly decompose project activities?

A project was projected to cost $2 million and take 8 months to complete. 2 months into the project, the work is 50% complete and you have spent $1.2 million. What is the SPI?

Make or Buy analysis takes place during which process?

What percentage of a PM's time is spent communicating?

What is the key output of Validate Scope?

In what process is Work Performance Data collected?

Which is not a component of the Project Management Plan?

What is the best definition of a Lesson Learned?

You are assessing project risk using a Probability and Impact Matrix. Which process are you performing?

Your Sponsor is upset that you are behind schedule by 2 weeks and is demanding that you get things back on track. You requested additional funding to add resources but she will not authorize any additional spending. What represents your best option?