Writing Emails

Untitled objective

Untitled content

Untitled objective

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Replying Business Emails

Subject of the Email



•Contact Information

•CC/BCC/ Reply All scenarios 


Email Subject




•Call of action( actionable subject )

Content of the Email

•Thank the customer for using our service

•Acknowledge that you understand the issue or problem

•Detail the remedial steps or call of action

•Close with reiteration

•Use the inverted pyramid.

The inverted pyramid is a journalistic approach where you detail the most important information first, specifically the who, what, when, why, and how. Your multi-page reports get an executive summary, why not your lengthy emails? For people who want detail, the words are all there, and for those who don't, you've given them the key takeaways.

Signature of the Email

  • Use only corporate approved signature tagline
  • Give the contact information


Must Do’s in an email

•Personalize the Email to the sender

•Usage of templates and how to make it effective

•Usage of technical language or Jargons

•Outlining the steps for remedial action


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