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What percentage of a flea problem is found in the environment compared to the pet?

  • a. 5%
  • b. 45%
  • c. 95%

FRONTLINE® Plus contains fipronil, an adulticide. How does it work against fleas on the pet?

  • a. Fipronil is distributed with the pet’s natural oils from the sebaceous glands so fleas are killed on contact and die by hyper-excitation
  • b. It repels fleas
  • c. It kills fleas by paralysis

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FRONTLINE® Plus contains (S)-methoprene, an active IGR. How does it work to help protect the home environment?

  • a. It kills adult fleas
  • b. It prevents flea eggs hatching and larvae developing, therefore breaking the flea life cycle
  • c. It kills ticks

How long does it take for FRONTLINE® Plus to kill fleas once they have jumped onto a treated pet?

  • a. 24 hours
  • b. 72 hours
  • c. 96 hours

FRONTLINE® Plus doesn’t stop ticks attaching but kills them, helping to minimise the risk of transmission of tick-borne disease. Within how many hours of contact does it kill them?

  • a. 96 hours
  • b. 48 hours
  • c. 24 hours

FRONTLINE® Plus helps to protect both pets and the home. True or false?

  • True
  • False

It can take 3 months or more to get rid of a flea infestation. Which of the following statements offers good advice to help consumers resolve the issue?

  • a. Treat all cats and dogs in the household with FRONTLINE® Plus every four weeks for a minimum of 3 consecutive months, then continue to treat regularly throughout the year. Allow them access to all areas.
  • b. Wash your pets’ bedding at 60°C, regularly vacuum carpets, flooring and soft furnishings and spray all areas your pets go with a household flea spray, such as FRONTLINE® HomeGard, which contains an IGR.
  • c. Both of the above

How often should cats and dogs be treated with FRONTLINE® Plus for flea and tick protection?

  • a. Every 8 weeks
  • b. Every 6 weeks
  • c. Every 4 weeks

According to ESCCAP guidelines, how often is it recommended to treat dogs for intestinal worms?

  • a. At least every three months, depending on the dog’s age and lifestyle
  • b. Monthly for dogs living with children
  • c. For puppies: every 2 weeks until weaned then monthly until 6 months of age
  • d. All of the above