Building a Project Plan

Having a strategy in planning events will ensure a successful outcome.

Construct a project plan.

Why should you use a timeline when planning an event?

Building a project plan is the most important process in event management.

There are a few guidelines to follow:

  • Strategy Meeting – Discuss the needs and outcome of the event. A lot of brainstorming will take place and you need to make notes of ideas.
  • Refine the plan – Combine the ideas from the meeting and choose the best ideas that will enhance the event. Use tools for example Wix to manage all the content of the event. Visit for more information. Being organized is key in planning events.  

Winston Churchill said, ‘Fail to plan, plan to fail.’

Consider the risk involved so that you have a plan when something goes wrong.

  • Approach the strategy – Discuss the plan with the line managers. Determine the roles of everyone involved in the event.
  • Implement the strategy – Consider the below factors:
  • Venue – The location will be determined by how many guests will attend. 
  • Equipment needed – Speakers, microphone etc.
  • Food & Drinks – Menu and which supplier to use; is there a bar etc.
  • Task Assignment – The roles each team member will need to fulfill in planning the event.
  • Timeline – How much time do you need to setup on the day of the event. Create an itinerary for the day so that everyone is aware of their deadlines.  
  • Review the plan – It is important to review the project plan before and during planning as this will ensure all is running according to plan.

  • To keep track of time and deadlines.
  • To manage tea breaks.