5S Continuous Improvement

5S is all about having an organised workplace and has the following benefits: It is a safer place to work; productivity is better as the layout is more conducive to getting the job done efficiently; delivery of quality products to our customers is more assured; unnecessary activity is reduced; preventive maintenance is made easier.

5S Visual Management

‘A place for everything, and everything in its place’

5S utilises visual management though the use of shadow or equipment boards. You would have heard the saying, ‘A place for everything, and everything in its place’. In essence, 5S is a system of good housekeeping that is standardised and everyone adheres to. The workplace is a cleaner more pleasant place to be, where ownership of, and pride in, the workplace is encouraged.

Good house-keeping

5S and good house-keeping

If 5S is essentially a system of good housekeeping, why does it often prove difficult to achieve and hard to maintain? For one thing, we’re talking about good housekeeping and people will have differing views on what that means. The clear need for tidiness for one person is seen as obsessive for another. Another reason is that, unless good housekeeping, 5S is embedded, people will revert back to poor housekeeping when under pressure. How many times have you seen this?


Retain what is needed; return what is not needed; Dispose of anything unnecessary.