Strengths Workshop

Ever wondered what the best approach... Focusing on strengths or fixing weaknesses?

Why is focusing on strengths important?

How does focusing on strengths relate to employee engagement?

So employees are engaged... Why does that matter?

I´m sold! How can I develop my focus on strengths?

So, what does strengths focus mean?

  • Focusing on our passions and the things you do well.
  • Ignore your weaknesses or use them as an excuse to avoid doing things you don't like.
  • Convince a co-worker to do the tasks you´re not good at.
  • Recognizing both your strengths and your weaknesses and taking advantage of the first as much as possible.

What are some tips to develop my strengths focus?

As we have seen in the previous question, strengths is about focusing on our natural talents, the things we are better at and feel passionate about. It is not about using it as an excuse to avoid tasks we don´t like. An interesting discussion to have with your team members is regarding those tasks that are crucial in their work and in which they do not have a strength in. How can they leverage other strengths of them to accomplish the same task?

There are some incredible free resources on the internet. Try out this free strengths test to get to know yourself better:

From that test, focus on your top 5 results and reflect on your own job, assigning each strength two responsibilities, projects and tasks it implies.

Have a look at all you wrote above and evaluate how many of the related to managing your team. If there are few of them, take the time to related them to your team management skills and behaviors.

Share the same free online test with your team and encourage them to complete it, explaining why it is important and you´re intention of having a look at your team´s talents and how to better leverage them.

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