Practice 200 - PM: Customer Experience

This assessment covers the necessary knowledge to effectively prove competency in Nielsen Greater China's 200 level practices


Customer Experience - PM - True or False?

  • Each customer experience will affect brand impression, which makes influence on customer expectation
  • Customer satisfaction is the continuous state gradually accumulated from all previous touch point experience
  • Customer experience is produced from the interaction with enterprise on each touch point

What is the focus of customer relationship strength survey?

  • Recent experience of the transaction
  • Strength of the relationship between organization and customers
  • High frequency; real time ; technology is critical
  • KPI’s for senior stakeholders; links to business outcomes

What key modules do we have in Nielsen CE management system?

  • Understand customer expectation
  • Measure customer satisfaction
  • Monitor touch point experience
  • Improve customer experience
  • All of the above

Which of the following statement of Client’s needs give you a hint that Client may need a CE research?

  • Client would like to share customers’ information/database to link with the survey data.
  • The findings will be used to set performance target for employees.
  • Client has an initiative for a new channel.
  • Client want to balance the investment on online and offline.

Why we believe that the future of consumer experience belongs to the Brand Consumer Experience?

  • It may help brand to gain short term benefit that if brand only pay attention on ‘satisfaction’ and loyalty
  • Today’s customers do not have the concept of “brand” in their minds.
  • The management of Customer Experience should base on every interaction points between customers and the brand.
  • Satisfaction and loyalty cannot reflect the consumers’ perception of product/service.

Which of the following statements are correct concerning loyalty

  • If a consumer has brought both brand’s and competitor’s product, and the consumer made a five-star rating, we could say the consumer was a loyalty consumer.
  • The consumer confirms he/she will buy the product/service again.
  • Only the consumers with high loyalty level are worth to keep
  • High satisfaction level consumers are loyalty consumers

Which group can help brand to learn its consumer expectation?

  • Industry Experts
  • Senior Managers (in client company)
  • Valuable consumers
  • Competitors’ consumers

which of the following statements best describe “brand promise”?

  • Brand promises that each product is qualified
  • It is the brand position and value proposition which are created from brand strategy and are used to communicate with consumers.
  • The positive interaction between consumers and staffs.
  • As same as marketing slogan.

Value created brand promise needs to be

  • Differentiated: different from competitors
  • Sustainable: deliver experience beyond time and space
  • Personalized: make distinctive promise to each consume
  • Relevant: related to consumer needs

Which of the following statements best describe the relationship between brand promise and brand delivery

  • Brand promise can always deliver to consumers
  • Brand need to deliver the promise effectively and efficiently at every touch point with the consumers.
  • Consumers can always receive brand promise successfully.
  • The outcomes of brand delivery are consumer’s promise.

If the consumer satisfaction of a brand has been steadily improved, but the brand’s market share has not increased, what is the possible causes in the perspective of consumer experience?

  • Consumer satisfaction and market share is not connected
  • The service or product of brand is not different from other competitors.
  • Although the satisfaction is increased, the proportion of high satisfaction consumer is not increased and loyalty consumer base is not expended as well.
  • The allover satisfaction of industry may have raised.

Which of the following analysis module does not include touch point analysis?

  • Mystery Shopper
  • NPS (origin)
  • BEA
  • RSI

Which of the following statements best describe the RSI?

  • Drivers of customer relations are clustered into different levels of indicators and influence each other.
  • Reflect the performance of brand in three major aspects: value, feedback and consistency.
  • High RSI cannot reduce consumer cost.
  • Different industries have different indicators of consumer relationship drivers.

Which of the following statement accurate describe NPS?

  • NPS is calculated by subtracting the percentage of Detractors from the percentage of Promoters.
  • Use single question to measure in what extend the consumer would like to recommend the brand.
  • NPS cannot reflect the consumers’ understanding of the brand.
  • May require to segment consumers

Which of the following requires can use real-time transaction consumer experience research?

  • Compare with competitors’ data
  • Study the issue with multiple perspectives
  • Reflect recent transaction experience timely
  • Focus on specific tough points with in-depth study

What of the following statement is a ‘must’ in BEA’s Promise-Delivery Matrix?

  • All the interaction points between the service provider and its customers
  • The expression of brand promise at each interaction point.
  • Each interaction point must contain all of the brand promise.
  • The brand’s scores at each points are calculated by subtracting the average score of the industry at the points from the total score of the brand at the points.

How to identify the key drivers in BEA module?

  • Calculate the impact of drivers with the technique of SEM.
  • Finding key drivers requires a combination of Promise-Delivery Matrix.
  • Factor driver and promise driver should be calculated separately to determine the key drivers.
  • SEM may need to be modified with actual data.

In BEA Study, which of the following situation indicate the brand equity may be weakened?

  • High score in BEI, low score in CE
  • Low score in BEI, low score in CE
  • High score in BEI, high score in CE
  • Low score in BEI, high score in CE

When a touch point got a high score with mystery shopper study and lower score in satisfaction study, we should:

  • Do the satisfaction study again.
  • Suggest brand to reduce the consumer expectation
  • Redefine the process and standard.
  • Proof the scores from mystery shopper study are always higher

Which of the following statement is correct concerning consumer experience?

  • The delivery of good consumer experience only depends on staffs’ personality
  • Staffs are the atoms of delivering consumer experience.
  • It is important that staff deeply understand brand promise and know how to reflect in action
  • Senior managers of a brand/company need to realize the importance of consumer experience.

Which suggestions may be given by a good consumer experience study?

  • Identify the gap between the consumer expectation and the current delivery of brand.
  • Propose the key points of improvement and implementation
  • Improve customer relationship management processes
  • Improve the operation process